Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Despite the list of countries still embracing communism being in single figures there is still a yearning in some quarters for the good old days Maxist-Lennism.   

Socialist paradises like Albania and Romania.  

Leading the charge to rid the planet of the evils of some people making more money than others is none other than Pope Francis.  

I personally don’t give a flying-fuck what a bloke with a chicks name, whose only meaningful ‘job’ is to cover up the global paedophile ring he heads, has to say.  

But the sheeple of the Catholic Church can’t simply dismiss the words of a man they consider Gods emissary on Earth.    

Pope Francis reading more from a page of the ‘Little Red Occupy Book’ as opposed to say ‘Letters to Paul’ wants the “current prevailing economic system” over-hauled. 
What say bludging Churches in New Zealand pay their fair share of tax? 
Orders from Pope Franny need obeying.  

Capitalism is evil.  

Worryingly New Zealand’s own Minister of Finance is a devotee of Pope Francis’s and Bill English has a litter of kids to prove it.  

PS: The ‘good oil’ is this is Pope F’s favourite song.    

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