Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fat Parents Fat Kids

I have been on a radical get fit program. 

Walking, swimming and weights.

I have lost 4 kilos and plan to lose 3 more.  

One thing is apparent to anyone who goes to a swimming pool… 

Fat parents breed fat kids.   

The offspring of fat parents are virtually all obese, in-line for ill-health.   

According to my failing eyesight there is no such thing as thin parents and fat kids.  

Why are we beating about the fucking bush here peoples? 

If I was to repeatedly inject a substance into my children’s bodies that would reduce their lifespans: I would be arrested and the children taken into care.   

Why do we allow parents who have no respect for their own health to inflict their own detrimental lifestyles on to their children?   

We don’t allow parents to shove a smoke in the gob of their kids, now do we?  

But it’s fine to serve KFC and Maccers to a 3 year old breakfast, lunch and dinner!  

You can feed a baby Coke and nothing will happen. 

In closing remember my mantra… 

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