Friday, October 4, 2013

Popes can cure Parkinson’s

Its official The Vatican, of all places, has made the break-through in finding a cure for the degenerative disease Parkinson’s. 

The cure is simple, forget what doctors have to say, just have the sufferer pray to a nominated Pope e.g. John Paul II and hey-presto all your symptoms will disappear.  

Yep, this is the same John Paul who himself suffered without any miraculous interventions from Parkinson’s. 

The same dottery John Paul whose obvious suffering was kept secret for as long as possible, least it scared the sheeple.   

But wait this ludicrous situation goes way-off the weird scale. 

John Paul II is about to be made a saint based on his purported healing powers of two Parkinson’s sufferers, one a nun, when he himself was powerless to rustle-up any magic to aid his own predicament. 

Catholics in the year 2013 should be embarrassed at this medieval farce.   


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