Saturday, October 19, 2013

Attention Professor Joel Hayward: Islam is NOT beautiful but outright dangerous in the wrong hands

Christchurch-born, war and strategy Professor Joel Hayward has recently won a bundle in  damages after suing British media company Associated Newspapers, which runs the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday print and online publications. 

"I can only hope that it and other cases like it will result in a more balanced and fair portrayal of Muslims and the beautiful Islamic faith in certain sections of the press in future," he said.  

I have never read or heard Islam being described as ‘beautiful’ by anyone in New Zealand.  

Hayward can live in the cotton-wool led, cloistered community of  academia but out there on the streets of New Zealand we all read the newspapers, scour the internet.

Kiwis see members of ‘the beautiful religion of Islam’ perpetrating crimes against innocents every day of the week.  

Hayward has fuck-all chance of ‘anti-radicalisating’ his fellow Muslims.  

Surely he is bright enough to see that attempts to stop ‘home grown’ Islamic terrorism has failed in every country it has been attempted? 

Including his adopted home: the UAE.  

All you can do is reduce and detect it, never stop it.    

Hayward thinks the media “routinely portray Islam in a highly negative fashion."    

Well how the fuck do you think The Christchurch Press should report The Kenyan Shopping Mall Massacre? 

The Boston Marathon bombs were of course another Western media beat-up.  

Those limbs going left, right and centre the Jewish run Hollywood would like us believe were real and not special effects.  

Similarly, the train bombings in Mumbai that killed over 200 were Hindi propaganda.  

September 11th was a Jewish plot, similar to what detractors of your Holocaust thesis implied , where in a full-circle grand-irony ironically, you tried to apply the rights of an individual to free-speech in your defence.

Grow a fucking brain Professor Joel Hayward : Islam is the most violent doctrine on this planet. 

Islam, the religion you, a Jew, has embraced with zeal, is the leading cause of random terror.  

You may gloat over your win in the British courts, but you’ll never change the minds and hearts of Kiwi kin.  

So make a poem up about that!  

The “certain sections” of the media is actually the mid-set of every Kiwi you pass on the streets of your hometown, encountered in the halls of Canterbury University.   

Journalists report what they see and hear.  

I pity the students that have this turkey.  

Naivety breeds fools like him.  


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paul scott said...

sweet jesus isn't religion a curse.
I once had a fellow work for me and his wife told me all the angels were watching all the time, and I would surely go to hell for my lack of belief.