Friday, October 4, 2013


When your fifty-something’ wife agrees with your proposition, during a trip to Paris “the local chicks are hot” you know you have the mark of approval. 

It’s not just that women from France look after their diets and exercise patterns in greater numbers than New Zealand women – they dress way better as well.  

What is frightening is the large numbers of obese teenage women in New Zealand.   

They don’t do themselves any favours either by covering themselves in ugly tattoos, dressing at fashion outlets, possessing a wardrobe with at least five pairs of tracksuit bottoms and donning rugby jersey’s for social occasions.        

It’s got so bad around these parts that a young local Christchurch woman, Sarah Greig, didn’t even know she was pregnant until the contractions started!  

Her partner – who was presumably still banging her for 8/9 months, saw her naked on the odd occasion – didn’t know she was up the duff either!  

Greig claims she had no obvious pregnancy symptoms, believed her contractions to be just a bad stomach ache. Leading up-to the birth she had felt more lethargic than normal tired and surprise/surprise, had developed food cravings.  

I may be a wee bit old fashioned here but some of the obvious signs one is pregnant are your period stopping and the ‘bump out front’.  

Short of dressing in a kaftan, retreating to a cave how could you disguise a pregnancy?   

The politically correct media have been all-over this story without actually mentioning the ‘elephant in the room’ (pun intended) nor bothered to include a full photo of Ms Greig.    

At just 22 Sarah Greig must have been really, really fat.       

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