Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pacific Islanders in New Zealand eat too much shit and exercise too little.

The official figures released by The N.Z Ministry of Health say: 62% of Adult Pacific Islanders in New Zealand are obese.  

This we all know, but no one dares state ‘the bleeding obvious’ for fear of being labelled a racist.  

Just walk the street and you’ll see Pacific Islanders are ‘huge’!  

You don’t need tape measures and BMI callipers.   

The excuses for this chronic and growing level of obesity amongst the predominately  Samoan, Tongan community, invariably beats around the bush. 

“It’s too easy to buy a pie” 

“It’s a cultural thing to celebrate with food” 

“Traditional foods are full of fat”  

“We don’t understand the language” 

This is all politically correct crap. 

I could go to any school in Otara and ask a class of 5 year olds “Hey, troops which is healthier, an apple of an ice-cream?"    

Are there no mirrors in P.I households?   

This isn’t fucking hard.

Pacific Islanders in New Zealand eat too much shit and exercise too little. 

I’ll say it again since it’s a bloody fact, not the ramblings of Kyle Chapman.  

Pacific Islanders in New Zealand eat too much shit and exercise too little.  

The Ministry of Health stats say it’s a fact, but can’t offer a solution to sorting out the epidemic because they can’t say the bleeding obvious.     

Sure, it is easier for Pacific Islanders to get fat via their genetics, but that’s even more reason they should take care what to eat, more reason to get out to the gym.   

An even greater reason they need to take more care what to feed their children who, shockingly, are 25 per cent obese as well.   

Since all Kiwis contribute to the health system via our taxes – it’s about time we named and shamed the approximately 175,000 Pacific Islanders who are too lazy to take an interest in their own health nor, for a quarter of that grouping, that of their children.    
It’s time we stopped making excuses based on ethnicity.   



paul scott said...

Its a fairly tough critique dude. There are genetic influences in this thing as well. When I was a baby they let me get too big, then in the last few years my alcohol consumption got ahead of me and then the weight.
I didn't worry about my brain and liver going to mush, but I Hated being fat, so one day in the middle of a hangover I just stopped drinking.. Good good I thought, one litre of wine a day 900 calories, soon I lose weight. It didn't happen, calories are cunning, they rest in your body till you think you are losing weight then out they come.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Paul ,being ‘nice’ and ‘politically correct’ is killing people in this country and you and me are picking up the bill. Yes, genetics have a disproportionate role in PI’s being big – but no one gets fat without eating/drinking too much. If you have a propensity to get fat that’s even more reason to exercise and watch your diet.