Monday, October 7, 2013

The Majority of Tattoos produced in New Zealand are Unsafe!

Shit, 50 per cent of the inks supplied by established manufacturers, recently tested by N.Z Ministry of Health, were non-compliant. 

That’s an appalling record.  

That’s an appalling testament to the lack of professionalism, care taken in the N.Z Tattoo industry.   

It’s also an indictment against the recipient of tattoos. Don’t they care that their tattooist is using just printer ink, pumping unsafe levels of toxic metals into their body? Don’t they question, even consider the hygiene standards of their chosen tattooist?  

The Government introduced new standards in 2011 through the Environmental Protection Agency which placed controls on inks and set voluntary guidelines for managing and storing tattoo materials.  

Self-regulation in the N.Z Tattoo Industry is clearly not working – it’s the Wild West.  

And that Ministry of Health study only went to the corner-shop tattooist, didn’t get to the back alley practitioners. 

So it’s self-evident the majority of tattoos produced in New Zealand are unsafe    

Relying on personal responsibility, consumers to police hygiene standards is also not working. 

And you know what? 

Frankly, I don’t give a rats arse. 

If you are stupid enough to get a septic tattoo, don’t care about the ramifications of tattoos on your employment opportunities, dismiss the long-term effects of dodgy ink, pick a provider with unhygienic practices, that can’t spell let alone draw – you deserve what you get.  

The Government can’t protect people from their own stupidity.


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