Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Greenpeace Wants Billions to Starve

Last year Bill Gates via his Gates Foundation gave USD 10 million to British scientists to sort-out  a problem he hoped might help solve the looming world food crisis.

By the way this is the same Bill Gates Oxfam recently launched a hate campaign against claiming he and his ilk were simply not generous enough!  

95% of his wealth going to charity is not right & fair according to the puritanical Oxfam, but back to the story.  

Success of this research would potentially allow wheat, rice, corn and other global food staples to be grown in even the poorest soils of Africa, Asia and South America without the need for costly fertilisers, greatly expanding world food production.

What an admirable undertaking, only the process involved in developing more resilient plants incorporates the nemesis of eco-fascists like Greenpeace: Genetic Engineering.

In little more of an admission that hard-line dogma trumps hard pragmatism Greenpeace justified their position to see the end of this ground-breaking research by stating….

"If Mr Gates is serious about feeding the world's poor and helping us establish sustainable farming practices that will heal the environment and provide a future for humanity, he needs to look less towards GM crops and more towards nature"

"GM technology isn't about feeding the world or improving farmers' lives; it provides biotech and seed companies with the opportunity to own patents over crops and nature. It is about control of the global food system, and anyone who tells you different is lying."

In a tenuous link Greenpeace went to point out Gates has shares in Monsanto.

But a minuet fraction of Gates investments, a complete ‘green’ herring.  

On this one Greenpeace is seriously fucked-up, in-fact dangerously so.

Greenpeace wants to doom billions to starve simply because their beliefs state ‘Mother Nature will triumph over Science’

Vacuous prattle won’t feed starving children.    

Science can and will - given the chance.   

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