Sunday, February 10, 2013


Like the sport of cricket Amnesty International is largely a Commonwealth affair.

Its historic leadership looks more like The International Cricket Board rather than a global group with the self-bestowed arbitration on human-rights round the planet.  

From its very formation by peaceniks in the early sixties Amnesty International has rallied against democratically elected governments, treatment of their peoples.

Avoided the hard issues of the day and taken pleasure pissing in its own pants.     

Amnesty’s number one target is The United States but it also has strong anti-Semitic undertones.

Thus Israel comes in number two for its attentions.

After the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah Amnesty strongly crticised the Israeli military claiming they waged an indiscriminate and disproportionate war targeting civilians.

Nothing was said about the rockets and artillery being randomly lobbed into Israel that led to the invasion in the first place.

Hezbollah is after-all a terrorist group masquerading as a political party, not that you would think it listening to Amnesty.  

After the July 2012 terrorist attack by Hezbollah in Bulgaria that killed five tourists it is likely the EU will en masse declare Hezbollah a terrorist organisation. Plenty of countries already do so.   

And where does Amnesty stand on The Taliban?

It places so-called abuses by U.S supported troops in the same basket as those of The Taliban!

Amnesty International is openly critical of the newly elected Afghanistan government over the treatment of Taliban prisoners.

What about that other great destabilising force in the world: North Korea?

Until last year’s report Amnesty International has been all but silent on North Korea.

In-fact it has released more press reports against human rights concerns in South Korea!   

South Korea is actually sixth on Amnesty’s list of leading human right abusers.  

That’s right, so-called abuses leveled upon the peoples of South Korea by its elected government are greater than those suffered by say the citizens of North Korea, Chechnya, Ivory Coast, Sudan etc.          

Well at least according to the ignoramuses at Amnesty International.

And if that wasn’t a bad enough example of Amnesty International’s selective anti-Western sentiments the group, as evidenced by the press releases issued, is more concerned about what the British Government is up-to than the ones in Iran and Burma.   

What about Amnesty International in New Zealand?

Last year Amnesty in this country gave an award to a [quote] “unique New Zealander” who openly supported the regime of Pol Pot and the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan.  

You read that right: Amnesty International gave an award to a professed Trotskyist who supported a regime who’s brutality against its own people is second to none in the history of mankind.

Former prime-minister Rob Muldoon is said to have described the Lockes as the most "notorious Communist family in New Zealand".

In 2011 just two months after NZ SAS Corporal Doug Grant was murdered by Taliban insurgents which on duty in Afghanistan Amnesty International in New Zealand was asking the N.Z Government to look into the treatment of Taliban prisoners!  

Amnesty backed the messed-up Vince Siemer.   

Persistently claims to anyone that cares to listen that New Zealand is lagging behind with indigenous rights - something that could not be more far from the truth. 

Told The United Nations last year that New Zealand is continuing to discriminate against Maori through the Marine and Coastal Area Act.

As evidenced by its activities in New Zealand Amnesty International clearly has an extreme left-wing political agenda, yet likes to portray itself as being politically neutral?!   

But, what effect do any of these reports/proclamations pouring forth from their plush English headquarters have on making the world a better place?  

What coverage does Amnesty get in say The Tehran Times?  

Who got Amnesty's award in The Ivory Coast last year?  

Does The North Korean National News Agency run a lead article on its report into slave labour in the country?  

The repressive regime in Somalia, do they give a flying-fuck what some toffee nosed public educated Pom from Amnesty has to say?

That logical and only conclusion one can make about Amnesty International is they are pissing in the wind.


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