Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hollywood’s Shameful Slandering of Two Dead New Zealand Heroes

There is nothing more despicable than disparaging a dead man who can’t defend himself.   

But writing an Oscar winning movie script to twist and distort history for your own benefit is sick.  

Argo is that movie. 

Don’t go see Argo, feed the scum behind the movie.      

The now dead individuals I’m referring are the then Kiwi Ambassador to Iran Chris Beeby and his Secretary Richard Sewell.  

The film incorrectly depicts New Zealand diplomats, Australians and the British embassy as well, turning away the US diplomats. 

So to get this right the role portrayed in the movie is Beeby and his team at The N.Z Embassy in Tehran turned away the U.S hostages in their hour of need - literally slammed the door in their faces.  

This is a load of American propaganda – utter lies scripted into the story to bolster America’s role in their rescue, write-out non North Americans altogether.       

“It's not an easy thing to do. You try to honour the truth of the essence, the sort of basic truth of the story that you're telling." is what the scum-bag Affleck has to say.   

Hollywood’s lies are called “creative choices.”  

Affleck is really proud of his Oscar winning that shamelessly tramples over the integrity of others.  

Make no bones about it Beeby and Sewell placed themselves at great personal risk assisting the sheltering of the hostages. 

Beeby even rented a flat so if their current location with the Canadians was discovered they would have a new hidey-hole.   

Rather than turning the American diplomats away as the movie would like you to believe  Beeby and team visited the fugitives as they sheltered in a Canadian diplomat's home, played chess and brought them New Zealand cheese to eat.

The night before the hostages were secreted away on a Swiss Air flight The New Zealand Embassy emptied their booze cabinet so they could have a going away party!   

At the time Iran was New Zealand largest market for lamb. 

Billions of dollars of trade were at stake had New Zealand’s role in hiding the hostages been discovered.   

Ben Affleck knows his film about the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979-80 distorts the facts and slanders two dead men who should be acknowledged as heroes in the hostage crisis and not falsely portrayed as cowards. 
I hope the movies flops.



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