Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Zealand would be better off with more Asians and less Catholics

I am sorry on reflection I can’t think of any Catholics I know that didn’t vote National?

Catholics are by nature inherently cloistered and conservative.

Conservative political parties learn not to upset their demographic, that’s why they never do anything significant whilst in power.  

New Zealand still borrows $250 million a week to stay afloat under National, the same as Labour.  

It is little surprise therefore to read in Saturdays Press the private Christchurch Catholic boys school St Bedes has five old boys on Nationals front-bench.

National has always been the party of choice for Papists

If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t go to the garden-shop at Easter, same-sex marriage legislation is moving at snails-pace you now know why.

One thing Catholics don’t believe in is a true sectarian society, one where all peoples get along together.

They would like to model every N.Z School like St Bedes – as long as they were all Catholic.    

Historically the moment the first Catholics arrived in New Zealand they went to great lengths to separate themselves from the mainstream.

Cripes on the West Coast of the South Island Catholics even set-up their own cemeteries.

Catholics in New Zealand have largely never wanted their kids mixing with other children.

They don’t even want them to play sport in the same teams as other faiths, or lack of them.

That’s why they set-up their own sporting club, Marist, so they can remain an aloof grouping.   

They don’t want to marry outsiders and when a heathen coupling is on the cards they will do their dandiest to convert the auslander.   

The grand irony in all of this is people in New Zealand openly criticise Asians as failing to integrate, wanting to retain their own culture.

Those bloody Chinese don’t even play rugby!

But here’s the bully…..

Despite their large numbers the Chinese don’t have their own schools
Asians haven’t seen fit to start their own exclusive national sporting body

The Chinese have been in New Zealand for as long as any race or religion.    

New Zealand would frankly be better off with more Asians and less Catholics.   


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