Friday, February 15, 2013

Greenpeace in New Zealand is little more than a McDonalds Franchise for Hippies

Make no bones about it saving whales and snails are big business in New Zealand.  

Greenpeace in New Zealand is not a charity. 

Technically Greenpeace runs a Charitable Trust in N.Z after that body lost a High Court appeal against the Charities Commission refusing to recognise it as a charity back in 2010.  

The commission raised the horny chest-nuts of Greenpeace’s political and illegal activities.    

So thus Greenpeace is a Charity in N.Z in name only, a self-bestowed one at that.   

In a good year Greenpeace rakes-in around NZD 10 million in donations from guilt-ridden middle class Kiwis of which around 20% is bled-off to its head-office in the Netherlands.    

To a casual observer Greenpeace structure resembles a global franchise – a very profitable one at that.  

In 2010 ‘not for profit’ Greenpeace N.Z did in fact make a tidy profit of NZD 1.8 million.  

In 2011 they Greenpeace in N.Z said they had a bad year financially and ‘only’ made NZD 550,000.   

Greenpeace loves nothing better than attacking, sometimes physically, rich evil Corporations, when on closer examination Greenpeace is little more than a global corporation itself. 

A McDonalds for die-dyed wearing hippies to gather around and dance naked in the new moon baying to mother nature.  

If only a few of Greenpeace’s Kiwi members who donate close to 10 million a year would wipe away their guilt for a second and start asking…..   

Why does Greenpeace in New Zealand need to make 20% per annum on its earnings?   

Am I happy having such a large chunk of my donation going offshore?   

Is it true that Greenpeace’s local ‘door knocker’ that signed me up was not a volunteer but a paid commission agent?  

Is it true Greenpeace’s rabid Hare Krishna like Funding Team I meet in town are all getting paid below what local Unions call a minimum liveable wage?  

I can’t see any published figures on the local web site, so how much does Greenpeace’s head honcho and the other management team in N.Z get paid? How does this compare to my income?   

Is it true when you sign-up to a direct debit with Greenpeace for a set minimum amount Greenpeace can automatically raise this amount without my permission?  

How much does Greenpeace NZ have in the bank, investments as at today?    
Why am I so stupid signing-up with you guys when I could have given this money that local group trying to reduce the stoats, feral cats in order to increase native bird populations or the other one re-generating native fauna? I could do some real good I could see. 



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