Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd chasing Money in our Oceans not Whales

Worldwide shark populations are dwindling. 

Basking sharks, once prevalent around the Canterbury coastline are now a rarity.   

Because sharks come top of the food chain the Great Whites and Makos etc have relatively small population sizes and are much more vulnerable to overfishing.  

Many sharks are killed, deliberately and accidentally for their fins which end up as soup up in Asia.  

Meanwhile in the Southern Oceans an eco-pirate flotilla is fighting Japanese whalers. 

These also end up on the tables of Asian restaurants but all the neutral stats indicate whale populations are generally growing.   

So why don’t the likes of Greenpeace, Sea Shepherds of the world get out in the local oceans just 10 miles from the coast of N.Z and protect sharks and not whales?     

That’s because it’s not in their financial interests to save sharks. 

Sharks are feared creatures whilst cuddly whales are the eco-poster centrefolds.  

Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd groups have painted themselves into a corner, made ‘whales’ their bread and butter, money pit.    

Both groups are morally bankrupt.  

They are now no longer neutral in their desire to save animals. 

There IS currently a greater need to save dwindling shark populations rather than whales and who are they out chasing in the middle of no-where?  

The money that’s what!  

They only want to save creatures like whales, pandas and giant apes that will attract funds for them to keep their jobs.  



Michael Lawry said...

Some information so you can be a little bit more informed. Check out the groups involved.
Note, shark finning is legal and whaling is illegal. Therefore there are two different strategies involved in trying to stop them

Unknown said...

No whaling is not illegal and shark finning is still legal in some places, NZ is one of them. Educating the public is not what the sscs does, Proven.