Monday, January 14, 2013


Family Fist First leader (as in raised arms from pulpits) Bob McCoskrie has recently claimed the push for same-sex marriage in New Zealand is a stepping-stone to legalising polygamy.  

So one can therefore take from this statement that his Christian pressure group Family Fist First is all-for same-sex marriage since its founding document is of course The Bible.  

The Bible positively endorses polygamy, fucking around and even incest where necessary. 

I mean who the fuck did Adam and Eve’s brats breed with, eh Bob?       

Then there’s David's son Solomon was obviously a randy bastard with way too much time and testosterone, having 700 wives and 300 concubines. Shit why bother with the sanctity of marriage, eh? Cripes 300 mistresses’ is even more than a run-of-the-mill French President.   

And this was after Solomon had banged the Queen of Sheba. Who blames David's lad Solomon there though, Queenie was apparently way hot and who cares about her cuckolded king of a hubby.   

God loves this sort of ribald crap and besides these were the days well before 70’s porn movies.
All they had to read at night was The Old Testament and not Penthouse Forum.       

Moses himself wasn’t happy with one bitch.   

Gideon, the bloke who pervs at you from the bottom draw of all good motels, liked to share his jism as well. 

Abraham fucked his maidservant and knocked her up.  

Jacob had 13 brats by two wives and two slaves he was fucking on the side.  

Saul had a mistress which he spudded-up twice.  
Yes siree there's heaps of positive stuff relating to marriage, relationships in The Bible, thanks for pointing out polygamy as one of them.

Indead The Bible is as positive endorsement of polygamy and ‘free love’ as you can find, unless you say go to a Mormon 2nd hand bookshop or The Playboy Mansion every weekend.     

So thanks again Bob McCoskie for reminding all New Zealanders just how enlightened The Bible is when it comes to marriage.


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Steve Ball said...

Thanks for reminding us of God's perfect plan for marriage and how His truths are eternal and flawless. I'm sure you've seen it before, but I often need to remind myself what is IN and what is OUT when it comes to God's holy rulings on marriage!