Sunday, January 27, 2013

It’s high time SAFE was banned

Members of the cult-like Kiwi organisation SAFE (Save Animals from Exploitation) are a rare breed of human.

They seemingly lack the capabilities to distinguish between humans and animals.

They have developed the innate ability to bestow anthropomorphic traits on the lowest of creatures, tell us what we can and can't have for breakfast.  

The concept of talking, dancing happy rodents like Mickey Mouse has nothing on these guys.

And whilst on the subject of Mickey Mouse – that’s exactly what SAFE is.

Like all eco-fascist ‘green voting’ groups SAFE has an underlying agenda.

That is to rid meat eating humans from the food chain in this country.

Cats and dogs are fine chomping into plates of meat but not omnivores such as you and me.   

We need to be on all fours fighting bovines for our green pastures.   

Duplicitously SAFE doesn’t have any issue with exploiting Kiwi’s addicted to pokie-machines bleeding dry charitable trusts up and down the country to fund their anti-meat campaign.  

Happy dressing-up pimply faced idealistic teens in fancy dress and harassing shoppers at local shops for a few coins.  

SAFE is affiliated, natural bed fellows (does that make it bestiality?) with PETA.

That’s People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals by the way, not to be confused with People for Eating Tasty Animals – a group I support from the pit  of my stomach, it’s gastric juices.

PETA wants honey to be outlawed because it is exploiting bees, zoo scrapped, fishing banned as a barbaric, as well as those evil blind people and their seeing-eye dogs. 

In between ghastly Vegan Potluck dinners, that’s no snide joke by the way, SAFE is equally into banning a whole gambit of N.Z ‘issues’ they see as important: all genetically engineered crops, rodeos, horse racing, greyhound racing, duck shooting, the use of 1080 to kill N.Z’s pests, testing on animals, zoos closed, circus's banned etc etc.   

They openly champion protests as a valid way of getting their point across and running campaigns to ‘corral’ people into becoming vegetarians or preferably vegans.

SAFE’s innocuous name for their campaign to stop Kiwi’s eating meat is ‘Go Vege’

They must have spent hours over the lentils & mulberry wine coming up with that winner.

SAFE has no issue twisting the facts to New Zealanders in their publicity to entice Kiwis away from eating meat, aid their narrow agenda.  

In an attempt to bolster their claims for ditching meat, our 4th biggest export SAFE states ‘some of the most influential minds of our lifetime’ were vegetarians’ and goes on to list:

Albert Einstein: Einstein was a meat eater for 95% of his life only converting to a vege diet in his last years, which is like saying an alcoholic who managed to give-up booze for a few months was a teetotal. Selective choice at best.

Leonardo da Vinci: Was an animal lover but there is no conclusive info on da Vinci’s diet other than a multitude of cut and pasted pro-vege-sites to say either way.

Gandhi: This guy drank his own urine so hardly an advert for eating healthy.

Abraham Lincoln: Hunted wild turkeys, raccoons. His favourite cuts of meat included sirloin steaks, short loin, ribs, round steak, rump, short ribs and chuck. I hope he invites me to his next BBQ sounds like a top bloke, not the sort to fill your plate with saggy lettuce.  

Vincent van Gogh: Believed “Vegetable food is sufficient, all the rest is luxury” but this philosophy didn’t prevent him eating meat, just not a lot. He had a preference of sausage over meat.

‘Vegetarianism is the New Black’ according to SAFE and their faux list of historic celebs (above) which in a glaring oversight managed to leave-out histories best known true vegetarian, someone who loved dressing in black & browns as well: Adolf Hitler. 

That’s a shame really as Hitler and SAFE share(d) the same philosophy, not just their mutual hatred of meat-eaters, love of animals – after-all the Nazis pioneered animal welfare, willingness to exploit human frailties to achieve their goals.       

That’s hoisting their own beliefs on to people, whether they agree with them or not.  

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