Sunday, January 27, 2013

Save Animals from Exploitation SAFE’s Historic Template

Seriously the followers & politburo of SAFE (Save Animals from Exploitation) must truly  feel like they were born at the wrong time and place in history.  

Yearn for a time when virtually all of their aims were being implemented by an enlightened political regime that saw eye-to-eye with them, stood side by side in respect to animal welfare laws and hatred of those who choose to eat meat, being the normal thing for humans to do. Even SAFE members salavate like Pavlov's dog when they get a whiff of a steak on a BBQ.    

Share a mutual philosophy that “animals are not merely creatures in the organic sense, but creatures who lead their own lives and who are endowed with perceptive facilities, which feel pain and experience joy and prove to be faithful and attached.” 

Shit this sort of stuff sounds like it was cut and pasted from SAFE’s web site only we are talking last century.   

Oh yes the good old days not so long ago when mass production chicken farms were banned. 

Hey, that’s exactly what SAFE wants for New Zealand today.  

Vivisection outlawed.  

More top 10 stuff from SAFE 2012.   

“An absolute and permanent ban on vivisection is not only a necessary law to protect animals and to show sympathy with their pain, but it is also a law for humanity itself” (1933)   

Animal abusers were treated harshly, imprisoned, some dying as a result of their treatment.  

Back then a fisherman who cut up a frog to use as bait was one of those sent to jail.   

People eight decades ago who had power to their convictions & began far-reaching laws to ban hunting in their country and even beyond their borders.      

Something SAFE would doubtless embrace in respect to their stand towards duck hunting, probably all recreational hunting in truth.    

A government that oversaw banning the religious slaughter of animals.   

SAFE ticks this box as well, that’s something they doubtless think is a fab policy.       

What about telling people they can’t eat meat, that’s a key tenant of SAFE?  

Well this regime had a leader who not only didn’t eat meat himself he wanted everyone on the planet to join him as a vege!  

Fuck me those guys were way cool when it came to animal welfare and championing the vegetarian cause.     

These all-round good guys were a virtual mirror vision of SAFE NZ in terms of animal welfare policies, issues of their day.   

This by the way is the leader in question playing fetch with his dog Blondi.  

He positively loved dogs, was inconsolable when Blondi died an untimely death. 
Their number two deplored hunting and trapping, wanted animal abusers executed.  

Their number three even ran a free range chicken farm at one point, was a proponent of organic farming.

63 million people died as a result of their twisted agenda.

Still what's 63 million in the scheme of things?

Good riddance to those carbon-emitting, animal murdering humans.

Animals and the planet we spin on come # 1 in SAFE's books (it's little and red by the way)

The Nazi's murdered entire families, babies in their mothers arms yet passed laws to sedate lobsters before they went in the pot.

Save Animals From Exploitation must pine for visionary politicians such as this.

The Green Party of N.Z, SAFES's political half-bred sisters, are positive lightweights in terms of animal welfare compared to the National Socialist German Workers Party.

Still SAFE now can thank Hitler and crew for this grand historic template, precedent to work-off.

The rest of us just need to remember what this template is next time a stinky SAFE collector comes hopping up to us at the shops dressed-up as a rabbit or corny cow.     


PS: Coincidentally SAFE's current campaign director here in N.Z just happens to be called Hans. 


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