Friday, January 25, 2013

Maori Church poised to become Key Player in N.Z Politics

The N.Z Labours Party is currently discussing with The Ratana Church to become an affiliate, in the same capacity as say its current main backers like Council of Trade Unions and Post Primary Teachers' Association.  

All Labours current six affiliate groups are currently unions.  

This as formal accession of power to a fringe church group (approximate membership 40,000 and falling) is a dangerous political development, one that needs exposing.

A religious body could soon be a part of the decision making, inner circle of the second largest political party in New Zealand.

Please don’t prattle on about historic ties between The Ratana Movement and The N.Z Labour Party.

Till now this relationship between Ratana and Labour has been informal.

I’m sure there are members of The Ratana Church also voted National and ACT, anyone who belongs to a church should be able to vote for whom they so desire.  

It’s called secularism.     

Being one of seven affiliates means Ratana will soon wield immense power, including who gets to stands for the party and its policies.    

Picture National having affiliates from the Catholic Church sitting around their board-room.

Sorry bad example – that’s right The Catholic Church already have Bill English and Gerry Brownlee well positioned around Cabinet tables, big ones in Gerry’s case  – so let’s give you another analogy.

Imagine National allowing The Exclusive Brethren to vote on party policy?

The Green Party allowing Save Animals from Exploitation to have a say on the party list?       

Secular politics in New Zealand is in danger of being eroded if political parties allow special interest groups to hijack them.    

N.Z will become like the U.S where politicians are subservient to their backers like the nutcases in The National Gun Association.    


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