Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christchurch Catholics need to ask their boss for the $$$’s

Local Catholics, frankly about the only ones who care, are bemoaning the cost of re-building their basilica damaged in the Feb 2011 earthquake. 

The cost to re-build is in the hundreds of millions they claim they don’t have.  

My first fundraising suggestion for the oh-so-poor local Catholic parish is to give Father John Fitzmaurice a few hundred grand more and send him down to the track to double it.     

In case you haven’t noticed the Cantabrian public are way more interested in preserving the symbol of our city than a tacky symbol of Rome.  

Rather than moan like billyoo go have a word to this bloke about the money-side of the equation.

He’s the one who parks his arse on a throne of gold.   

Probably got a good angle on Austrian lakes and Nazi loot as well. 

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