Monday, January 21, 2013

The Kiwi P.E Teacher come Pastor, his 17 year old hottie and what went on in his car.

We can’t name Mr X because the N.Z Teachers Council’s Disciplinary Tribunal doesn’t want us to know his identity.

Let’s call him Ron as in Ron Jeremy, much nicer than X.

What do we know about Ron from the Teachers Councils files?

He’s a PE teacher at a snooty North Island school that just happens to be faith based.

He’s also a pastor.

At the time of his indiscretion his wife had just given birth.  

Late one night he finds himself alone in a car with a ‘troubled’ 17 year old female student, part of a mentoring programme.

May-be the extracurricular course was Practical Sex Education?  

Anyway some adult type groping goes-on on the front seats before both parties felt guilty because their hormones trumped the word of their God.

Digits only. 

So it was a mutual attraction, we’ve all been there only personally I wouldn't be happy with just digits. 

Both confessed their sins.

In the wash-up, inclusive of the sheepskin car seat covers, Ron wasn’t actually de-registered by The Teachers Council.

Instead he’s chosen to take time off.    

To reflect one presumes. 

Footnote: These salacious articles always get far more views from punters. Nothing like scuttle-butt to bring em' in.    

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