Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Less than gentle reminder: Christians, Jews and Muslims all share the same God.

Nothing gets your average garden variety Christian and Muslim’s ‘knickers in a knot’ than kindly reminding devotees they revere the same God.

In-fact the ‘Abrahanic threesome’, comprising Jews, Christians and Muslims, all happen to worship the same supreme-being.

Yes indeed ladies & gentlemen, at the core of all three of these monotheist religions is the same God.

Muslims, Jews and Christians may well give this supreme-being differing names, different interpretations, different off-spring who came to earth, customs etc - but the basis of all three religions is the reverence of the same megalomaniac sky-daddy.

Call him Elohim, All Haqq, Yah, Messiah, Allah, Everlasting Father, Jehovah, Al Basir or any other derivation - make no bones about it – this is the same invisible geezer generically called God and theists of all colours need regular reminding of less than palatable fact.

So when the September 11th hijackers praised God as they crashed their planes causing the deaths of 3,000 innocent victims – the God they exalted is the same one worshipped at your local Baptist or Catholic church.

Bin Laden and The Archbishop of Canterbury adulate the same God.

Glenn Beck and The Taliban exalt the same God.

The Pope and wacko Mullah Omar pray to the same supreme-being.

When you put it in this context it’s easy to see they are all bonkers!


Unknown said...

No two people imagine the same god.

James said...

"imagine"being the operative word...

Anonymous said...

We do realise this you know.


Anonymous said...

Wrong. The Christian God is the triune God, meaning the core of his personality is revealed through Jesus, the begotten son. QED Different God

Canterbury Atheists said...

There was actually a book before the New Testament.