Sunday, August 29, 2010

Calling-on all Atheists: Let’s stop the baby slaughter!

Between 10 to 50% of all pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion (better known as miscarriages)

God (a,k.a Yahweh and Allah etc) clearly wants these embryos and fetus’s to die.

God therefore arbitrarily slaughters millions of unborn humans every week of the year and does so with some relish.

God is pitiless in his blood lust.

Natural abortions occur at the same rate in the pregnancies of his devout followers and the population of non-believers.

More disturbingly Gods followers see nothing wrong with this mass-murder and still fall to their knees in homage to his megalomania.

I’m calling on all atheists to take a stand against this pathological baby killer by protesting outside your closest church or mosque.

Let’s show these theists we don’t accept their God’s baby-slaughter.

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