Monday, August 2, 2010

10 Reasons Why Ghosts Don’t Exist.

Only the gullible and those that have mandates to substantiate the after-life believe in ghosts and the paranormal.

Ghosts are simply wishful thinking and a convenient excuse for explaining ‘what goes bump in the night.’

Proving ghosts are a man-made psychosis is in-fact very simple.

1.) Ghosts come in one form – that just happens to be human - which is conveniently what we bipedal-chimps want to see, and not say a dead cow hovering at the end of ones bed. Have you ever heard of the legend of oceans being haunted by ghostly plankton?

2.) Ghosts just happen to be nocturnal, preferring night-time to ‘do their thing’. So when you die you suddenly become adverse to daylight – right?

3.) Like the popular bug-eyed Aliens, modern ghosts are all stereotypical, with the same looks and characteristics. The standard ghost or spectre in China is that of a Chinaman. The standard ghost in an Inuit community resembles the locals and not a six foot six black-man.

4.) Purportedly ghosts have the ‘magical’ capabilities to travel through walls, levitate etc. Powers they didn’t have when they were alive. They move objects all the time – but never get behind the wheels of a car and drive, type a letter on a computer or light-up a Bensons and Hedges. When it comes to interacting with humans all ghosts want to do is scare the shit out of the living in the dead of night or flash their tits at us in photos. Aimless activity, no-one has been able to detect with any surety.

5.) Ghosts are allergic to large crowds. ‘The Ghost of Super Bowl’ or ‘The Ghost of F.A Cup’ – I don’t think so.

6.) Ghosts love hotels and pubs. When you die you head immediately to ‘your local’ for a pint. How else could you explain the disproportionately high number of pubs that are haunted? And it’s always old pubs that act as magnets to the living dead, rather than a Five Star Hilton.

7.) If you can walk through walls why don’t you simply drop through the floor as well?

8.) Why aren’t all ghosts totally naked?

9.) Seeing that potentially we living-humans share the planet with 60 billion spirits, comprising all of humanities dead – where do these hordes of living-dead spend their time? I mean where do they live? Caves? The bottom of the ocean? The stratosphere? Six to a house?

10.) Last but not least – there is not a shred of evidence.


Mike D said...


Mashimaro said...

1.My friend has seen several ghost cats.Fail...

2.Ghosts have been seen during the day.

3.Well,of course demons often imitate the cultures they're trying to scare,but there is a native legend of a wolf man(man who controls wolves,not werewolf!) who is 7 feet tall,and I know someone who's seen him.

4.Ghosts are most likely demons,but I have heard several stories of people befriending ghosts.

5.Then everyone would believe in them?I don't think they want to be known.

6.Because more evil is committed in a pub or a crappy hotel than a 5 star hotel.But there has been cases...A 5 star hotel in a city called Banff has tons of reports.

7.Because they can float?I imagine they just imitate walking and could fall through the floor if they want.

8.Because then they'd be funny.

9.People that believe in ghosts often say that ghosts rest when they have no regrets...Or something,so all the ghosts are dead people with regrets.

10.I bet you've never tried finding one.You disbelieve cause you haven't experienced them yourself...That my friend,is ignorance.I have experienced a handful of things,nothing noteworthy,I wouldn't say I believe in ghosts,but I do say that there is a high chance demons trick humans in the form of ghosts.Who knows though,maybe they are just spirits of the dead.

It's completely ignorant to say something doesn't exist just because you haven't seen it.Might as well say solar eclipses don't exist!Or The Beatles! Dinosaurs! We've only see bones,how do we know they weren't walking skeletons!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if ghosts exist - but there is not a single proof they don't, in your text...

- The agnostic

Anonymous said...

wow thats priceless!!!
dear writer honey
your perception of ghosts obviously
has inferred from movies or something

let me break it down for ya
your a 5 years old who after watching casper the friendly ghost movie starts denying god and afterlife just because he doesnt think that ghosts
look like casper
ifeel sorry really

Anonymous said...

75% of ghost sightings are in houses that have carbon monoxide leaks which causes hallucinations. And all I can say is that if you see an odd shadow and you believe in ghosts its a ghost. If you see a odd shadow and you don't, its the wind blowing a curtain. They dont exist but its in peoples minds. So I guess they exist in peoples subconscious.

Anonymous said...

To say "there's no proof they don't" as an argument that it is possible for it to exist is retarded, has always been retarded and shall, hopefully continiue to be viewed as retarded.

The idea of ghosts are fucked up in SOOO many ways, but just to name a very important argument, there's NOTHING that is proved to continiue to go on in a persons head after death, meaning there's nothing a ghost can be made of that was there before!
Another even more important is that all we humans are, is our brains, and to be more specific, our BRAINCELLS and all the electrical shit that goes on up there. Ghosts SHOULD be small braincells floating around, and braincells can do DICK when it comes to moving objects without a body!!!

You who do belive in ghosts or consider yourselves "agnostic" should get back to school and stay there til you get beaten some sense into! And if teachers belive in it, they should be fired due to not being able to do some very basic THINKING!

Sorry, got angry, but you really are very stupid.

Best regards//
Andreas - Sweden.

Raspectre said...

I absolutely love this, particularly number 1 XD

Anonymous said...

Are you people five? No matter how much you want to believe in magic it doesnt exist. This is not being close minded, it is finally laying this ancient mysticism to rest in light of logic and reason. So your friends saw a few ghosts? Well I have friends that make outrageous claims all the time. I slept with such and such model, I saw ut happen. I call it for what it is. Bullshit

Tommy said...

You, sir, are ignorant. You obviously have NEVER witnessed any kind of paranormal activity. I recommend going to Gettysburg, PA. Snap a lot of photos of the battlefield, do some EVP sessions, and take a video or two. What you get WILL surprise you. I just got back from Gettysburg, and in one picture alone I got 4 anomalies. FOUR things that I absolutely cannot explain. Including the ghosts of two Confederates behind a rock in the Triangular Field. I can assure you that there was NOBODY in the field with me at the time, HOWEVER there were dozens of people behind me in Devils Den. Could it be a very very weird flick of the light? Sure, I guess. But that doesn't explain why the Confederate ghosts were wearing Confederate clothing that you could see clearly. So, I'm calling your bluff. Go to Gettysburg, then comment on this forum again. Ghosts exist, I have the proof on my facebook, in my phone, everywhere.

Ankit said...

Dear Mashimaro,

1) I think that this friend of yours is trying to make a fool out of you and if not, he needs serious psychological help.

2) Lets remember, we're just talking about 3rd person account. How can you say that with certainty?

3) Oh, don't tell believe in demons and legends. Clearly, you belong to the ancient roman catholic age, when the church used to torture and kill people who didn't believe in god.

4) Why is it that you've only heard stories and not befriended any ghost yourself. Again, we must remember that we're talking of 3rd person accounts, which don't hold any solid proof.

5) Ghosts don't want to be known...right!! May I ask, how do you know that? Were you present in one of there secret meetings??

6) Tons of reports, without any proof. How can you tell with certainty that its not somebody playing tricks on them or that its not a publicity gimmick??

7) How many times have you seen a ghost floating in the air??????? How many times have you seen a ghost at all...?????

8) Why can't ghosts be funny??

9) You just said it...People who believe in ghosts can make up XYZ stories, because they have a following of people like you who would believe them.

10) Have you tried finding them. You believe in something, without having proof of its existence...THAT, MY FRIEND IS CALLED "IGNORANCE"..!!

Anonymous said...

1: offers no evidence at all just a claim that is not substantiated.

2:The vast majority happen at night or in dark spooky places

3:>implying demons exist(we are talking about ghosts)

4: magic floor pixies are actually ceiling fairies

5:I'm glad you have talked to them and acquired the evidence required to back up your claim.

6:define Evil

7:I guess you win this one

8:why can't a ghost be funny exactly? I feel like it is up to the individual ghost.

9: using pure speculation in an argument that requires facts.

10:He is not required to believe without evidence, that is called faith. It is the job of the claimer to prove something.I would say it is ignorant to expect someone to believe claims that have no real evidence.In order demons to be tricking us in the form of ghosts they have to exist(they don't)

It is not ignorant to not believe claims blindly, in fact it is almost the exact opposite.
Fossilized dinosaur skin and feathers prove that they were at least partially skinned, not to mention that it is also a safe assumption to assume they had skin.

Frank said...

The single best argument against ghosts is simply this:

Many billions of people have died on this planet. That means, if "ghosts" do exist, there would be billions of them "hanging out" all over the world. This population of "ghosts" would be VERY HARD TO MISS. There would be sightings on a daily basis and by more than one person. They would be all around us. Everyone would have a "ghost sighting". But this is not the case. People who have "ghost sightings" almost always have them when they are alone and have no one else to corroborate what they saw. Other stories of "sightings" are usually attached to a hotel or an inn or even a restaurant. These so called "haunted places" are named as such because the owners know it is good for business and that people are just gullible and stupid enough to believe them and will rush there in droves to try and "witness a ghost". The human mind is very good at believing what it wants to believe. It doesn't take much for a person to convince themselves that some perfectly explainable phenomena is a "ghost".

Anonymous said...

Ghost,Demons,disembodied Spirit's, Animals also have souls {All exist in the unseen realm that surrounds us)Check out my website,it's not finished yet. Debbie

Anonymous said...

I've had a paranormal experience happen to me that I have no other way of explaining other than a ghost. I wasn't even thinking of ghosts when it happened but I was in (what they call) a highly paranormal location... In Gettysburg, PA. The event is still fresh in my head, I didn't see a ghost, but I'm very positive that one interacted with the hotel room I was staying in, considering the moving objects and footsteps when all other rooms around me were vacant. And it wasn't an instant that's-got-to-be-a-ghost theory, I tried debunking the whole thing every way possible.

Not only that. This happened in the day time. I've heard of friends seeing ghosts of dogs, I don't accuse my friends of being delusional.

I've read up on ghosts and the spirit world, although there is not much proof, it's more like a personal thing, and there is a lot of scientific evidence that can debunk a lot of ghost stories out there. I don't believe it's rational, just because you've never experienced something paranormal, can you rule out all existence of ghosts. As science explains more of the world's revelations and history, it's hard to believe in any sort of "fairy tale" afterlife.

In all, I believe your blog is tasteless and novice in your reasonings and research. You seem to be the perfect nihilist.

-Another Agnostic

Josh said...

This is a shitty article

Anonymous said...

How can a ghost talk sending vibrations through the air
Do ghosts get sick
If a person dies drunk is the ghost under the influence?
Ghosts are bull shit so is god we are all just sucking the life out of the earth until humans and earth is dead just like mold eats bread then the mold dies

Anonymous said...

The reason I believe in the Beatles, and Dinosaurs is because there is a huge amount of evidence for them, it seems to only be irrational people who see ghosts, never anyone who cares about the scientific explanations for them (its all in the head). The only evidence we have to go by is passed down ghost stories and bad photoshop.

Anonymous said...

1. Sure your friend does. By any chance, is this person often called the "crazy cat person"/ been diagnosed with a psycological disorder?
2. Have you seen scary movies before? Shows "based off of true events"? All at night. Unless you interview people who have "seen" ghosts, invalid.
3. How would you know what demons do? And "...theyre trying to scare"? The fuck? I can't even get into that without a paragraph. By the way, you sure "know a lot of people" who have "seen" these specific "ghosts".
4. You just contradicted the shit out of yourself. How would you know exactly what most of them are?
5. How in the world would you know how all ghosts are?
6. Ever heard of white noise at 18hertz? Google it.
7. How do you explain the footsteps?
8. Do you think that their clothing becomes ghostly, too? That's absolutely stupid.
9. I'm pretty sure most everyone dies with at least one regret. I'd say invalid.
10. I don't believe in them because everything in science says no. There is no absolute proof. Explain that. And don't you dare say that all ghosts keep to themselves.

Anonymous said...

Look, I am pretty damn sure ghosts do not exist, there is no evidence. Unfortunately every point this post gives except the last one are just lame and don't really say anything.

But believe me people, ghosts can not be considered to exist unless there is any evidence, Mashimaro's comment was just as stupid as most of this post,someone once said (I can't be bothered to look up who) "Science is Belief Because of Evidence, Faith is Belief Dispite Evidence" If you believe in Ghosts then this quote pretty much says that you are irrational

Anonymous said...


If I said that I was fifty foot tall and breathed fire, would you just take my word for it? Or call my bluff?.

Yeah ... see how that works?
This is why I never except someones story at face value on these matters.
Good day

Alex J. Kane said...

Idiot believiers frustrate me, because they're simply spreading their incorrect beliefs. Yes, believe what you want to believe, but don't go telling other people they 'must' exist because you've seen it, it's arrogant and not to mention stupid, senses can be fooled, very very easy. People who happen to present evidence why they don't exist however (which I don't think you've done entirely, but still I commend your efforts) aren't being arrogant or presenting their opinions, because they're just informing you of well known facts, (evidence which can't be debunked). Furthermore, beliefs, opinions and human senses are biased, facts however aren't, they're based upon years of research and experimentation which can be replicated by anyone with sufficient knowledge of the subject. But I don't doubt you people who do believe in ghosts or have had 'expiriences' believe you have seen certain things. Please note the word 'believe' it's similiar to faith, which again, is a idiotic concept.

Anonymous said...

Really, people's minds are so pathetic these days. You see what you want to see, nothing more, nothing less. If you want to see a ghost cat, eventually you will. Your friend wont tell you that. And he did prove a giant point, if they can walk through walls, they would fall through the ground. And not only that, but what are ghost made up of anyway?? until we find that out, there isn't a bit of proof other than "faith" for ghost as well. There is as much proof in Atlantis as in ghost.

Anonymous said...

The same people who say ghosts don't exist actually mean they think they CAN'T exist. This is the same groundless argument used to dismiss all UFO reports as bunkum. Skeptics in the UFO field don't want to know about the *many* cases where something genuinely strange was most definitely observed. No serious study is done, even when it is clear that mundane explanations just do not cut the mustard. And don't tell me that that never happens - I can name 20 cases off the top of my head where no rational exdplanation was offered. But no-one then said " Well, it must be an alien ship." Because it CAN'T be true. WHY can't it be true? Because we don't have FTL drives? We didn't have aircraft 120 years ago, and some dimbulbs back in 1892 were probably scoffing at the idea of powered flight. It smacks of arrogance and wilful ignorance to just dismiss even the remote possibility of something outside of smug scientific certainty. Deeply hypocritical, too, in that it displays the same unwillingness to shift from held beliefs shown by the religious. I tend to lean towards the view that SOME ghosts may be real, but that they are not the spirits of the dead. Note how your classic ghost tends to repeat the same actions - is it not possible to surmise from this that what people are seeing might be a kind of dimensionally-related
electromagnetic 'recording' of a human form that is 'replayed' when certain conditions zare present? How it is stored, and how it can come about at all, I don't know, but who is to say that in 50 years we will not be able to view other dimensions where such wraiths may lie in a kind of 'tape bank'? It can't be true? Oh yes it bloody well can. Plenty of skepotics sneered at the idea of the Higgs Boson - who is sneering now?
Either way, I don't care, but think about this. We look at the Middle Ages and think 'What a bnunch of dopes, believing in (this) or (that)' - what will the people of 2212 think of US? "My God, they thought you couldn't travel faster than light, and dismissed dimensional aura recordings as fairy tales". Can you say definitely that will not happen? Oh, well, you probably will, because it CAN'T BE TRUE, can it? :)

Jason said...

If you don't care, why did you waste your time writing all that? Fail. Bravo.

Oh, and ghosts are a load of nonsense. Gettysburg is no more haunted than my nostrils. Enjoy screaming into the void, morons.

Anonymous said...

75%? Where did you get this fact? And can this source be verified?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't get too upset these individuals still have the mindset that the world was flat and that man could never fly.

Anonymous said...


you say u have experienced a handfull of paranormal experiences....

why is it always the believers who experience such activities.....not one but a handfull....

Anonymous said...

Nice arguments. Imust comment that I am an athiest. I've taken many religion classes and the professors and books all pretty much say stories of gods were started around campfires to make ppl feel a lilltle better about death .... Ghosts? I don't know. Oddly, I used to believe. I've seen many shows and read many books that "prove" ghosts..... However as I grow older,the more science classes I take and more science and cosmology books I read, it does seem a tad childish. However I'm also not 100% dismissing ghosts...... I know how weird I sound so I don't need any slow minded idiots pointing this out..... I'm just curious to see if theirs any atheists who share my views and may believe in ghosts?

debbie ramnarayan said...

Hey dude or dudet, how do you explain 2 people hearing the same noise's at the same time.?

bomahker said...

Retards will debate the unknown until the end of time and never come up with a logical answer for the paranormal, afterlife or whatever the fuck people want to call it. Most people who are absolutely positive that ghost's don't exist are basically scared of the unknown. Complete cowards who deep down inside are afraid of what awaits them upon death. Closet believers of heaven and hell. So they try and convince themselves that the possibility of anything other than everyday life doesn't exist. Atheists are just as bad, if not worse than bible thumpers. They are both cowards who fear the unknown. All this debate is a complete waste of time because we will never know until we die. So you can all continue being useless piece's of shit who will never amount to anything and have no purpose other than trying to satisfy your insecurities. Have a swell day and don't miss the short bus ya fucking mongoloids.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Thomas Edison believed in ghosts? I suppose it was just the superstition of the time. Anyways, the list above doesn't "prove" that ghosts do not exist. It's more of a list of personal statements as to why the author thinks that they do not exist. Which is totally fine, but "proof" is not the word for it. However, I think ghosts fall into the same trap that religion does. Simply; you cannot prove the existence of something that cannot be proven in the first place. If someone insists that the thing in question is real, then the thing is real. Now, I'm not a nihilist or an atheist--I'm an agnostic. I'm not sure what to believe.

I do believe, however, that ghosts and time travelers make for excellent science fiction. :D

Also, as an aside--there have been many accounts of animal spirits. I believe that the author of this particular article is severely limited in his knowledge of folklore from around the world. There are stories of naked ghosts, and # 9 is addressed by the idea that a ghost is the embodiment of a person with severe regret or grief, or someone who died violently. Though, considering how many primitive people died of terrible diseases, animal attacks, and land feuds, there should be more ghosts!

So, are they real? I don't know, but I don't honestly see how people who believe in them are harming anyone in any way. I can see going after the batshit crazy Christians who hurt people or try to tell them how to behave, but this . . . this isn't necessarily hurting anyone.

dhruv shukla said...

hello frnds this is dhruv here..
i am from the science background nobody in my family believe in ghost........but one incident change ma mind completel.i was at home alone .ma parents were out of town...i was enjoying with ma frnds at ma place....we ate veg. khichdi using cooker ...we do all the washing of plates...switch of the gas completely.......and went outside around 6pm...I came back at ma home at night 11pm.. and after entering at ma kitchen ..i saw gas was burning with full flow....and one vessel was situated on one gas......and it was completely burn........and surprisingly ma gas wasn't empty ......i was using ma gas since 1 month and......if we think that i was the one who burn the gas the after burning from 4 to 11 it would have been ended.....coz we have finished our food at 4 pm...and plz i'm not saying that it was paranormal activity i'm just saying that i have not burn the gas..neither ma any frnds .i'had checked before leaving ma house what u say frnds what was that?????????

Anonymous said...

Ghosts are as real as fairies, leprechauns and gods. Sheesh, people are morons to believe such nonsense.

av said...

Well all those people who say ghosts are real should stop studying science cos they dont believe it.

Anonymous said...

I found this blog because there's a movie that came out called "The Conjuring" and people are talking about it.

The way I see it, a spirit does not have any physical form. In order for you to see something, light needs to hit a solid object so your eyes catch the rays bouncing off. Same thing for sounds to be made or for things to move. How can a ghost do those things if it's a spirit? Also, how can a spirit have some kind of consciousness when all of that stuff is really in one's brain?

Anyway, that's all.


Anonymous said...

Because noises are real but don't prove the existence of things that aren't

Anonymous said...

What a hugely naive comment. Clearly you'd attempt to project your own fear of the 'unknown' onto those who completely dismiss it's existence.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? If anything, I would think that the religious are the ones afraid of death, not atheists. In fact, religious people are so afraid of death, that they hold onto this false sense of security...that there's an afterlife waiting for us. The majority of atheists on the other hand, will acknowledge that this life is the one and only one that you get, once you're gone, then that's it...LIGHTS OUT.

Anonymous said...

Every brain cell has a memory, memories of sight, sound, smell, touch & feeling. The brain consists of millions of brain cells, all the senses, when being used, are transmitted to the brain & stored, any one of those senses when coming into contact with a long forgotten odour, sound, sight etc, will trigger the memory, hence bringing a forgotten childhood memory to the fore, especially images. When you daydream, or fantasise, you can make up the fantasy, but using the memory as a base, you can also say the same for dreams & nightmares... All done with the brain. A while ago I was very ill in South America, & I was prone to hallucinations, my father came to visit me, I saw him clearly as I see this computer, I felt the warmth of his hand, the pressure of it, the smell of the carbolic soap he used, the mothball odour that always clung to his suit, the sound of his voice. but my father, not only was he back in Britain, but also was dead, no, he wasn't a ghost, but an hallucination projected by my brain. Medical fact. You can feel love, joy as well fear from the past, as a child I saw many fearful shadows that moved, but they were in my imagination, the fear of the dark. in adult life, all you need is a memory jog to bring them out. I'm not afraid of ghosts, but I am afraid of what the brain can really do. I will believe in a ghost when I have proof, with many witnesses present & with the exactly same story as mine, until then I will search for a more natural cause. There are too many charlatans, tricksters & liars in the ghost game, as there is in religion. Give me solid proof, backed up with real evidence not some 2nd hand story of someone's experience of what he or she saw or a faked story or video clip, it's not demons that trump you either, but your mind. Anyway, we will sooner or later know the real truth when we die, & you can't avoid that. Don't believe in ghosts straight away, try to find the natural causes, inclusive of trickery & when you run out of natural causes, then look for the supernatural causes...

Anonymous said...

It was probably the ghost of Noah Webster trying to haunt you into reading his book.

Anonymous said...

No point in debating. Never any point in debating. Waste of time because of people. Stupid article.

Anonymous said...

I used to live in New Orleans, supposedly one of the most haunted places on Earth. I have heard stories
from people that I respect about supernatural encounters and ghost sightings, psychics and all that bullshit.I have spent a lot of time(@8yrs) working, drinking and living in "haunted" buildings and I have never seen anything near paranormal;the only thing I have seen are pathetic attempts to sell tickets to those stupid Haunted History tours. Tip: If you visit New Orleans and want to follow some fat goth dude through the Quarter you can do it for free by just walking behind some fat goth dude in the Quarter. It's free
and there's a slim chance you might not have to listen to him pull ghost stories out of his ass. Enough about New Orleans- the point is that ghost stories are bullshit and you don't have to believe in the paranormal to believe in God(I'm not religious myself) and NEVER spend any money on things paranormal.

Brandon James Anti-Deist - Boston said...

Hello mammalian counterparts,

In no way am I an expert in Theology, Biology, Physics, Cryptozoology, Astrology, Aramaic, Geology, French Poetry or American Journalism.

There is one question, one question only, that is relevant to whether or not these online soapbox debates are something that you should dedicate your valuable time to.

Ask yourself. Be honest with the answer you give.

"Are you capable to divide your ideals and beliefs from ideas and accepted theories?
Further, do you understand the grammatical differences of these four words?"

If not, you're cheating yourself and poisoning other people's time.

If so, please do not assume everyone else does. Educate then elaborate.

----- I have one comment for one previous post.

To the lowercase atheist: NO
An Atheist would not ask or even ponder this concept.

If anyone would use their name, this would be a lot easier. So anonymous # 17 - You should not be asking if other Atheists believe in ghosts, you should ask yourself if you are an Atheist or an Agnostic apologist.

** This is not an attack on you either. This is a friendly lesson in the dangers of misrepresentation and self deception.

** What you may be trying to describe is called Secular Nondeism.


RaeX_The Sarcastic one said...

I dont know how the ghosts do the basic THINKING.If it can think and scare people then it must have a brain that it has inherited from its dead body.Since it has brains, then it should also have a pair of lungs, since they can make voices.Therefore it should also have a stomach and kidney and therefore they will need to go to bathroom.Are they using your bathroom??? LOL
Believers,Give urself a life and some knowledge.Only those believes who dont have a logic ability.There is always a logical explanation for every mystical event.

Anonymous said...

Then what explains photos people take which aren't visible to us? I have taken a few photos myself with some odd unexplainable things showing up. Which is what it seems to be, unexplained.There is no real proof it doesn't exist, just because it isn't visible to the naked eye...doesn't mean it isn't there. Unless someone can describe what the photos I have are...which I highly doubt it. Anyway here is one of the photos I have taken.

Anonymous said...

To make such a one sided argument about something that has neither been proven or disproven is quite arrogant, sir. Especially if you've never investigated the subject yourself. So we've already explained everything there is to know about science? Maybe we should have concluded that 500 years ago when the earth was flat. LOL Nothing wrong with being sceptical, but don't assume that something has been disproven just because you refuse or do not want to believe it.

Anonymous said...

Your inability to make a polite argument already shows that you are passionately ignorant about the subject and unwilling to have an open mind.

Anonymous said...

The people who believe in ghosts are the same ppl that believe in god. No evidence for or against. All in the persons mind.

Anonymous said...

Gravity and space in time. How are spirits or entities bound to the Earth? Consider the fact that not only is the Earth spinning quite rapidly on its own axis, but looping constantly around the sun, which itself is zipping around through space within the confines of a small section of a single arm of the Milky Way galaxy, which is also cruising the cosmos at an unbelievable speed. Do these ghosts have some sort of time/space imprint? How is that possible without mass? I don't buy it. Perhaps if random (and I mean VERY random) phenomenon were reliably proven from time to time we could assume that we are experiencing past (or even future) disturbances in the continuum, but a spirit that's rooted to within a few specific feet while whizzing through the universe? Nah, go on, you!
Naaaaah, go on...
Similar issue with time travel. Even if I could travel to 1893, could I pinpoint the EXACT location in the universe that I would want to land at? What if I were off by just a few feet (not much in terms of the vastness of the universe)? I'd be buried alive. Or die in the vacuum of space.
It's fun to contemplate, but...nah.

Scott Hamilton said...

I'm not apposed to the idea of some intellectual or mental manifestation of someone or something presenting itself to us in our own minds. That said, I have trouble with the physical aspects of ghosts. What about space/time? Does a spiritual entity have mass? If not, how does it manage to hang on to a few square feet of Earth as it rockets through the universe while spinning on its own axis? We will, literally, never occupy the same place in the universe twice. I don't mean "literally" like a college girl who thinks it means "sort of". I mean "literally" literally. Although it feels as if we live in a stationary place, it simply isn't so. We are racing through the universe as I write/you read this. We won't be here again. Can we expect the ghosts to be here? Thoughts/comments? I would like to believe, as a good ghost story never fails to captivate. Alas, I've seen no ghosts and have heard no persuasive pro-ghost arguments other than "faith", which, as in religion, is only effective on those looking for an excuse to believe whatever they'd like. No offense meant, my mother believes in ghosts and God.

Brandon James Anti-Deist - Boston said...

Well stated, intelligible and easy to follow. I agree that something/anything the mind creates may as well be real (In the vein of Schopenhauer) and also agree that the belief in ghosts is about as valid as the belief in Santa.

Pooja Nagoji said...

Hi guys .. I m 16 years old and still scared of dark and supernatural stories.. I don't want to believe in things that i've never encountered... But i have a questions to those who believe in ghost demons or other supernatural creature.. 1) why are all demons witches ghost etc only show themselves to a specific person only? Why not they expose themselves to whole world??..... 2) how can you believe in someone who says he/she have seen ghost or been in contact with them.. I mean they can even lie or mentally ill? 3)last but not the guys believe in god which means sign of good but then you guys believe in demons which means evil... IF SO WHY WOULD GOD CREATE A WORLD WITH DEMONS AND RESTLESS SOULS?.. Pls sumone answer my questions? .. I don't want to be scared anymore ×_×

Brandon James Anti-Deist - Boston said...

I don't care if it's true. It's funny.

Brandon James Anti-Deist - Boston said...

Do you want a list of all the colors your eyes can't possibly see ever?

Brandon James Anti-Deist - Boston said...

If I am wrong, I apologize, but this looks like a troll post.
The 16 year old one above.

Anonymous said...

I'm agnostic -- which, if you don't already know, means that I don't fully accept or deny beliefs and superstitions, etc.

From this standpoint -- this blog is extraordinarily dull and ill informed. Persons who fully believe in ghosts have a better argument made than this gentleman. As an open listener and reader, I take both sides into consideration and this was just a rant from someone who thinks ghosts are impossible. Who knows what is what when it comes down to it. This was a waste of frustrated breath.

Anonymous said...

Are you Agnostic about your strident opinion? I don't know the author personally, but I don't think it's Richard Dawkins or Greg Graffin. Why get upset about his blog post? Makes for a decent debate. Granted, a pointless one because ghosts don't exist.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up :D

Conor Dufresne said...

Couldn't agree more. This was awesome! Nice job!

Conor Dufresne said...

Anonymous. Lol. You rock! These people are idiots.

Jo Jo said...

I am a man who normally sides with science but having reading this amusing debate I have came up of a hypothesis if U will verifying what 'ghosts' could be. If a person is a soul in a body and the body decays after death what happens to the remaining soul as it can't be destroyed does it just float about with no interaction with the living like most reported ghosts

Anonymous said...

So what's the hypothesis?
Your statement pre-supposed that a soul exists.

I am not being a jerk, I promise. This is just not a hypothetical statement.


Anonymous said...

Ghosts can't exist I disproved them years ago, I wrote a paper that makes them impossible.

"If ghosts where real the most haunted places on earth would be the cinema and the girls locker room" J.R.S
This whimsical quote I made up disproves ghosts by itself...

ChristyM said...

The judgement, the name calling, and the complete air of superiority in this post and most of these comments is astounding. It is completely ignorant to assume that just because you haven't experienced something that people who say they have are idiots. I never believed in ghosts until something happened to me that forced me to. I didn't choose it. I didn't expect it. But I can no longer deny it, even if I wanted to.

Anonymous said...

Lol. I've been up Gettysburg MANY a time. Never seen anything. And its just as easy to Photoshop pictures. I've also taken many pictures there. Unless I see your pictures before developing on a computer or before you mess with them, please shut up. Gettysburg is nothing more than an old battle ground. I've been to devils den and all of that. Absolutely nothing there.

Anonymous said...

If ghosts are human sprits why are the sightings all people from relatively speaking modern times ,never cave man ghosts,afterlife and anything to do with living on is just a system the brain has made to deal with risk as we are aware of time and that we will die.if this system hadn't been we would have died of fear long ago

jake said...

As an atheist ive been to a couple supposedly haunted spots in the state of illinois rainbow road a supposedly haunted spot where ghosts are likely to appear and saw absolutely nothing im a person whos willing to try things