Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Afghanistan is fucked-up and always will be.

Last night New Zealand lost its first Serviceman in Afghanistan.

This is a sad day for all New Zealanders, and my heart goes out to the family.

Our countries role in Afghanistan is largely confined to reconstruction work – building roads, bridges and schools etc all of which comes at a cost to the New Zealand tax-payer.

Humanitarian assistance supplied to a country that lacks a shred of humanity.

Similar to every brave soldier who has been killed in this despotic, shit-hole of a country – the death of Lieutenant Timothy Andrew O'Donnell was a needless loss.

That’s him pictured above, the photo was taken-on the day he was decorated for bravery in Timor.

History tells us Afghanistan is an inherently corrupt. fickle and dangerous country.

It always has been and always will be, with or without overseas troops.

Afghanis live largely a patriarchal & superstitious existence - conditions that more resemble medieval times than a modern society you and I would recognise. One village hates the next village in the next valley, xenophobic tribes hate anyone who doesn’t share their gene pool, and to this heady-mix of hostile benevolence – you add the war-like, sexist teachings of Mohammad.

The way Afghan society is set-up perpetuates this system and a change of government here and there changes nothing at ground-level.

New Zealand has learnt, in the harshest fashion, the endemic problem of operating in Afghanistan.

Finish building a hospital in a township one day, and then have the recipients of this charity try-to-blow your brains-out the next.

Basically Afghanistan is a basket-case.

It can only change when its people show a will to do so, and to this date there has been scant indication this will happen in your or my life-times.

The best thing our respective Governments can do is contaminate Afghanistan’s borders with nuclear waste and prevent anyone entering or leaving the place on foot.

Patrol its mountainous borders at arms-length with a massive fleet of airborne drones with specific instructions to ‘shoot to destroy’ anything that moves.

Afghanistan is fucked-up because the people who live there are fucked-up.


Anonymous said...

Afghanistan,(and Iraq for that matter) is one big clusterfcuk. Waste of taxpayers money, resources and of course lives. U.S. U.K. Canada, and even my country of Croatia have troops there right now. They just had a record poppy crop recently, record soldier death toll. It's one big smoke and mirrors political machination of the U.S. To make it seem like they actually really care. Everytime you see pics of NATO soldiers in poppy fields, or with bags of heroin, it always has some caption about some crop was discovered and seized. Bulls*t! That heroin is probably being used by celebrities in hollywoood right now, and maybe even politicians and televangelists too, in their sex, drug, hotel room sex romps with overated hookers. I NEVER!!!! see pics of poppy crops burning, smoke, they snap some photos, then business as usual. You cant change a peoples mentality to the 21st century from a state of living like a bunch of sheepfcukers from 25 B.C. The whole middle east should become one big parking lot. Fcuk Islam, I love pork and beer, especially during Ramadan.

Anonymous said...
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Antonio Perales del Hierro said...

I was apprised of Afghanistan's history of dealing with invaders, not all of it's history, but the..what was it, three different assaults by the Brits? This was back in maybe 2003 or 2004, before he closed his ground floor jewelry and rug shop, where I live. He wound up byexplaining that it is a couuntry "easy to take, but hard to keep." He said it is like swallowing a piece of candy, very nice at first, but it is poison. Here in the US there are dunderheads that want us to create a "Jeffersonian Democracy" everywhere. Yes, I can see it now, with Parent Teacher Groups, Town Hall meetings, blah-blah-blah, and let's not leave out their own Klan, right? The best way to have a good neighbor is not fuck with him. The US is a young nation, and a badly brought up one. The whole world KNOWS we are yokels. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

It disgusts me how people always find a way to blame Islam for the problems in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, even Kosovo. Who the fuck do you think you are to blatantly slander a religion followed by over one and a half billion people, for the cultures and problems, assuming that just because a certain number of Muslims act in a certain way, they all do.

Look at the Democratic Republic of Congo. The majority religion (95%) of the country is Christianity. The country is beset by intertribal warfare, there are ethnic conflicts, religious conflicts, conflicts over cattle, over land, over loggings rights, over anything you can think of. There are murders, rapes, attempted genocides, massacres, people are eaten, sometimes alive. For many people, life in this country is sheer hell. But there are hardly any Muslims. Rather, they follow the peaceful religion of Christianity. So of course, they must have abandoned this religion, to be acting in such an ungodly fashion, right? But no, there are groups such as the Lord's Resistance Army which draw upon the teachings of the Bible, and of Jesus, to justify what they're doing! Now, from the knowledge that there are Muslim-majority countries where there is a huge amount of conflict, and that there are terrorist groups using the teachings of Islam to justify their actions, we concluded that Islam was a warlike religion which could be blamed for these problems. Therefore, with the same situation in place for Christianity, we must agree on the same for that religion. Down with the warlike faith of Christianity, which does nothing but espouse violence and hatred.

Obviously I'm being sarcastic. But my point is, just as Christianity can be interpreted in a variety of ways, and used to justify acts of violence, so can Islam, but it makes neither an evil, warlike religion.

I realise you didn't blame all of Afghanistan's problems on Islam, I just feel very strongly on the subject, and so disregarded the more legitimate, if exaggerated, other points you made. Remember that many of the problems of Afghanistan stem from the actions of the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War. Yes, that's even where the Taliban and al-Qaeda came from.