Friday, August 20, 2010

The case for Open-Minded Parents

A few years ago one of my daughter’s mates asked if she would accompany her to a ‘Holiday Camp’ over an extended weekend.

This ‘Holiday Camp’ was run by a local church and there would be a modicum of indoctrination occurring in between the outdoor activities.

This was spelt-out on the info sheet my wife and I were handed, along with a form to sign.

The prothletesing we are talking about here was along the lines of happy-clappy dancing and singing praises to a god of which my daughter was totally unfamiliar. Colouring-in pictures of Jesus and listening to Bible stories etc. Strange as it may sound, these are not the sort of everyday activities that go-on in our household.

In short - I had no problem with her attending this Camp and filled-in the section on the parental permission form under ‘religious affiliation’ with ‘not applicable’ and off she went.

As far as I’m aware she enjoyed the experience.

There was certainly no discernable change in her personality on her return, nor did I question her as to the goings-on other than a cursory open-ended “How did it go?”

Now picture this same scenario in a different light.

1.)The parents of a Muslim child are given the same invite
2.)The parents of Christian child are asked to attend an openly atheist camp

What do you think the chances are of their child attending would be?

How do they explain to a twelve year-old the reasons they can’t go is “these are not people we want you to mix with.” and “we are X and they are Y”?

Why didn’t I feel threatened and yet a Muslim and Christian given the same circumstances would?


Gord Cummings RSW said...

Well said. Ultimately kids should be educated and then let them choose for themselves. I say to my son that as long as he's able to say why HE believes something and can explain the reasons behind it, then I am satisfied. I am trying to raise a rational thinker, not necessarily an athiest. I think there's a good chance of him being an atheist as a result, but again that's not necessarily my aim.

Anonymous said...

And you know how Muslims and Christians would all react how? Or are you just assuming?

Canterbury Atheists said...

I know how most Catholic parents would react were their kids invited to a Baptist camp.

And so do you Muerk.

The chances of Muslim parents saying "yes" would be zero and this you know to also be the case.

So stop trying to question my motives and 'poison the well' on this subject.

If you have information/stats to the contrary publish them.

Reminder: the article is entitled 'The Case for Open-Minded Parents.'

See ya.


Anonymous said...

Actually I happen to be a Catholic parents and I'm cool with the Baptist camp. My kids learnt about Hindu creation stories as well as Biblical ones at their _Catholic_ school. I think you are just anti-Catholic. Your silly 'gay' photos of the Pope proves that you are. Your irrational demands of the Church re: Fr Chesney also demonstrate it.

Maybe if you spent time with Catholics rather than throwing mud at them on your blog you would have a better understanding.

Canterbury Atheists said...

I call a 'spade a spade' there Muerk and its the first time I've been called irrational.

More irrational than your beloved Pope?

Me thinks not.

I drink with a table of Catholics every Friday and Saturday night and play in a football team full of them - so it is you that is now full of premumption.

Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Well your arguments _are_ irrational. I mean "God is watching you do number two's"? A bad photoshop job on Benedict XVI? Clearly erroneous claims that, and I quote "The Catholic Church, under the auspice of it’s then head Cardinal William Conway, conspired to spirit Chesney south to a new position and out of the reaches of the authorities and justice." The Church moved Chesney at the behest of the authorities. They were always co-operating with the police, the report even _states_ that.

You don't show any respect to the Catholics you spend time with by creating such facile arguments and insults about their faith. Your attitude to religion is clearly irrational because you are prepared to grossly misrepresent your subject.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Bo hoo I’m picking on your favourite superstition and it's dictator, the man who fought for Nazi Germany - Bene-dick.

Well tough shit!

When The Catholic Church acts like they have a modicum of morals and ethics I’ll leave them be.

Currently the paplists give me plenty of fodder and are fair game.

Sorry Muerk the good old days of the inquisition are long gone and I’ll say what I friggin’ like – even if it upsets your sensibilities as a protector of the one true religion.

See ya mate.


PS: The reference to Catholicism acting morally was only said tongue in cheek. It’ll never happen.

Anonymous said...

You're such a catholic-phobe! Anyone would think you were repressing

Canterbury Atheists said...

Nope wrong, never been into religion of any colour.

Got too many brain-cells for that.

Nice try but fail.