Sunday, August 8, 2010

Christchurch Church Charity bans Atheists!

Struggling to keep-up with demand from Christchurch’s poor to deliver food parcels, Kerry Bensemann’s (above) quasi-church charity ‘0800 Hungry’ has appealed to fellow Christians to assist the group.

These appeals to local Christians to become volunteers have largely fallen on deaf-ears and Bensemann is appalled at this apathy.

So without prompting sympathetic ‘non-Christians’ have stepped into the breech and said “Kerry we’ll help you sort out the food parcels and deliver them and we don't need God to talk us into it, like you."

But the pig-headed Bensemann is openly refusing to accept any volunteer who will not adhere to his dogma stating “I know it sounds really, really stupid, but you’ve got to understand how we’re set up.”
'Set-up' means the voices Bensemanns head commanding him to do Gods bidding's, in much the same way David Berkowitz heard his neighbours Labrador command him to go on a killing spree.

This stunning-refusal by the 0800 Hungry to accept help from the non-religious, was exposed in last Saturdays ‘Press’ newspaper & will in-effect all-but signal the end of Bensemann’s charity in its current form.

Naively Bensemann’s stand to prevent non-Christian participation, has signaled the beginning of the end of the charity.

He and his team have seemingly forgotten that 0800 Hungry relies on donations from the entire community.

The public can now see that 0800 Hungry is little more than a front for Bensemann’s church to recruit membership, from both with-in his circle of volunteers who arrive from other churches and the recipients of his charity.

The reason why other churches have largely ignored his appeals to help is they see 0800 Hungry as a rival & for good reason.

Atheists and non-Christians now see 0800 Hungry as a bunch of born-again bigots more interested in self-serving recruitment than genuine assistance to the needy.

More-ever Atheists as a group are incapable of charity according to those behind 0800 Hungry who are in regular contact & first-name basis with God.

In this piece of vitriol quoted in the paper Bensemann sums ups his group low opinion of Atheists using this analogy “It’s like sending someone who plays ping-pong out to play for The All Blacks.”

The losers will be the poor.

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