Friday, March 19, 2010

BBC Doco Exposes Catholic Church Abuse & Cover-Up

As I have repeatedly rallied - if The Catholic Church was any other legal entity, other than that of a religious order – authority’s through-out the world would have closed it down decades ago - as a threat to child-welfare.

The whole organisation is riddled with child abusers and still to this day undertakes a mandatory policy to cover-up these abusers which extend right up-to its current fuehrer (in fact it was Bene-dick that ratified the policy!)

This BBC Documentary shows the scant-regard the Catholic Church in Ireland and its zombie-like followers, including Papist Police & Politicians, have for child welfare. It’s a sad indictment on Catholic dominated countries like Ireland, who turned a blind-eye to the sickos within ‘The Church’, giving them a free-reign to systematically abuse-children, the most vulnerable, with virtual impunity.

I’m proud to say “I’m an atheist” when I see how rotten to the core the world largest religion is.


Philip Gilbert said...

Amazing. I don't watch tv and get most of my stuff from the NSS 'What the papers say' but this is astounding. And they will probably get away with it unless the momentum is maintained. I feel like going to my local catherlic (sic) church and interrupting the service to ask a few choice questions.

Canterbury Atheists said...

The callous disregard for justice and what is common human-decency is unfathomable.

Plus the Police and Politicians in Ireland who were ‘good Catholics’ first rather than doing their jobs to protect the most vulnerable in society – even when given the damning evidence.

You can’t ignore the fact Catholics, that as a whole they brought-this upon themselves.

Reaped what they sowed.

Millions of Irishmen knew the scale of the abuse, muttered about it over a stout and Benson and Hedges, yet as ‘good Catholics’ were happy to make virtual sex-toys out of their own children.

It was normal to consider a priest to be a kiddy-fiddler – but just don’t mention it in public or face the wrath of the community.

The Church should be closed in Ireland given the number of victims – last total I saw was 20,000

All Irish Catholics played a role in this shame.

Thanks for your comments.