Tuesday, March 9, 2010

God is back and he's a Maori!


God (yes, ‘the’ God of that best-seller The Bible) is living in New Zealand – in one of the leafy suburbs of Auckland to be exact.

God rides a Harley Davidson on his days-off giving people cancer and turning a blind-eye to starvation and misery, wears expensive suits and is married to a mere mortal.
God knocked his 'mrs' up before they got hitched, but let's face-it his father indulged in mass-murder - so who gives a monkeys about pre-martial bonking?
In 2005 God and the good-wife spent 40K on a cruise on Queen Mary 2 around 'the Med.'
Why God didn't just move the tectonic plates and re-locate the Mediterranean and surrounding countries down-closer to N.Z, say near Fiji, has yet to be explained.
Currently God is using the body of a middle-aged Maori.
All the details are on Gods very own web-site.
A message to all doubters - anyone who questions God, is in league with Satan.
So being God, the 'Big Guy' himself - it’s gotta be true.
PS: Conveniently God accepts all major credit cards and has penned an autobiography for you to buy. At just NZ$30 it's a steal. Grab a t-shirt whilst you are at it.


BathTub said...

Did you see this?


Canterbury Atheists said...

Yeah tragic really, had already got 1/2 thru a blog on the very subject.

Cheers BT.