Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Global Natural Disasters are God’s vengeance against believers: turn to atheism or face his (or her) terrible vengeance!

Hardly a week goes by without an earth-quakes or tsunamis causing mass-destruction, carnage and misery around the globe.

There is of cause a perfectly logical explanation, and in-fact a master-plan to the bout of disasters.

It has nothing to do with weather patterns and movements in the tectonic plates.

In simple terms God (give him or her a name of your own choice) is signaling his (or her) displeasure by deliberately targeting theistic countries - warning-the populous to turn to atheism or face his further wrath.

It is no coincidence that Atheistic countries have been left unscathed from all the natural disasters, death and destruction that has occurred lately.

So theists ignore Gods-will at your peril!

Repent now!

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