Friday, March 26, 2010

You, me and this planet are nothing – get over it!

Watching this awesome video made-me-think how we homo-sapiens have an overly high opinion of ourselves, along with the planet we occupy.

We like to believe our species & the lump of rock we live-on is something ‘special’ and significant in the scheme of things.

Like f*ck!

Well I’ve got news for you, this planet, with the naff name Earth, and all the species on-it are in-fact a mere pimple on the bum of the vast universe – the share size of which is beyond any normal person’s comprehension.

So far mankind has only managed to reach our own insignificant moon – which is like traveling the equivalent of the width of a piece of paper on a journey from Christchurch, N.Z to Anchorage, Alaska.

Sooner rather than later, in the vastness of space, we will find evidence of other intelligent life – this is a certainty.

To think that some supernatural-being built our special ‘little house on the prairie’ along with every-other sun/planet etc floating in space and that ‘we’ are some-how the anointed off-spring of this being – is frankly ludicrous and the realms of b-grade sci-fi.

In-fact I’m going to go as far as suggesting anyone who believes a singular magic god-creature whipped-up the entire universe, like making a fondue for a large dinner-party – is delusional and a potential danger to the rest of society – unfit to have children in his/her care.

Open your mind to our place in the scheme of things - accept the facts with with grace.

Above all, kindly cease inventing bull-shit stories about invisible, supernatural creatures and expecting sane, intelligent people to believe your fairy-stories!

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