Friday, March 19, 2010

“God made me do it” child-abuser let off lightly!

If ever you are in the shit with the law in this country – just remember the five words which will mitigate the criminal intent.

Say after me.......

“God made me do it.”

This includes systematically beating your own child with an alkathene pipe.

This week Judge Allan Roberts agreed with the defendants claims the punishment meted-out to his young son were merely “administered for biblical reasons.”

Whilst finding the defendant guilty he granted him permanent name-suppression and sentenced him to home detention and some meaningless 'wet bus ticket'courses.

The Police and the New Zealand public as a whole were expecting jail given the savage nature of the abuse outlined in the New Plymouth court.

But the nameless defendant managed to play his ‘Get out of Jail Free Card’ in the form of the teaching of his psychopathic and cruel god Yahweh, who not just permits, but encourages parents to never spare the rod – even when it is made of alkathene and there's a fair chance it'll cause major injury to a defenseless child.

His defence lawyer, Paul Keegan, even quoted sections of Proverbs which encouraged stern treatment of a disobedient child.

Keegan even had the audacity to call his clients assault “traditional values.”

One presume Mr Keegan would take a similar stance were it his own children who were victims of similar assault, oops sorry ‘traditional values’, and an adult to took-to his kids with a length of pipe – like f*ck he would!

Clearly we have one Justice System in New Zealand for those who believe in invisible entities called gods and another for those of us that don’t wear magic god-goggles and don’t happen to think beatings of this nature are normal and can be justified in a civilised modern society - rather than a primitive, ancient sand-dwelling one.

Image for one minute this wasn’t a ‘good-Christian’ following the teachings of his holy book to the letter and rather this was a non-decrepit father who instead claimed “I was reading The Catcher and The Rye and got involved in it’s writings and in a whim I started to beat my son for steeling money.”

Would the judge be so lenient then?

No f*cking way!

As part of the wishy-washy liberal sentence the spineless scum-bag was ordered to attend and complete anger management sessions and further parenting classes.

If Judge Roberts really wanted to stop this god-fearing scrotum's chances of re-offending, the logical course of action was not of a parenting nature – it would have been to require him to burn his bible and never attend a church again!

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