Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rape & Pedophilia now legalised in Afghanistan.

That’s right, you read the heading correctly.

A husband can now rape his wife legally in The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, under new laws President Hamid Karzai just rushed through parliament - all to appease Islamic fundamentalists, ahead of elections in August.

Also created was new legislation which creates a loophole, allowing child-marriage.

A man can say take a 9 year old as a bride.

Don’t forget, this is the archaic wasteland is where your fellow countrymen are spilling blood.

This is the very same degenerate & medieval corner of the globe your taxes are being sent to.

The wife-rapists and child f*ckers from Kabul and Kandahar etc, send their heart filled thanks.

This latest affront to morality goes to prove the Afgani’s brand of religion is so endemic and entrenched in life, there’s zero chance for reform and modernisation, any time in the next few hundred years.

So why bother giving this backward country another cent in aid, when this is what their idea of ‘a new’ Afghanistan is?

Their brand of democracy legitimises rape and pedophilia.

That aid money would be better spent on building a large electrified-fence around the country, and leaving them to their own depraved ‘Mad-Max’ life-style.

No on second thoughts, the terrain would prevent a ‘Berlin Wall’ like venture.

Far better and cheaper, to render whole tracts of it’s surrounding mountains uninhabitable with a liberal dose of radiation.


Tommy said...

It's no wonder they wanted to blow up the Bamiyan statues. Can't have anyone remember that the land known today as Afghanistan was inhabited by Buddhists. Sure, the Afghani Buddhists may have believed in some irrational things, but I'd wager it was a better, more civilized place then the backwards ass tribalistic Muslim shithole it is today.

Rufus said...

Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all. I imagine the same kind of shit will happen when most US troops are pulled out of Iraq. Except for the women and children, fuck 'em all.

felix said...

Why didn't they take a lesson from Germany. Germany was forced to re-educate their public, to show them, physically where possible, what their insane ideology had brought. Large and important parts of Germany's constitution was dictated by western democracies.
What was the difference in Afghanistan? Were there not enough systematic mass murders - is there some secret number you have to cross? Was there not enough insane ideology - is having a book written by a power-mad lunatic only valid if it's older than a century?

I wonder if Germany would never have been 'de-Nazified' if only they had thought of calling National Socialism a religion on time.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Your analogy is not a good one mein freund.

Here in New Zealand we share the same electioneering system as Germany - we are the only other country in the world.

MMP was created after WW2 so that it was impossible for one party to govern, without having a coalition partner.

As a further measure, The National Socialist Party was banned etc.

Extremism was extinguished in law and a new brand of inclusive politics.

Under the Taliban what we had in Afghanistan was a Islamic dictatorship, perpetrating barbarisms in the name of religion.

Now what we have is a Islamic democracy perpetrating barbarisms in the name of religion.

It would be like The Nationalist Socialists winning the 1950 election.

That's of course how Hitler came to power in the first place.

Kommen Sie St Pauli!