Friday, April 24, 2009



We are the Xian’s.

We come from another universe, one invisible to puny minds, such as the ones you human-beings possess.

Vastly superior-life forms, to the point many humans consider us to be Gods.

We have the capabilities to monitor your every thought, watch every individual’s movements 24/7, yet remain cloaked from your detection devices.

We can save lives, stricken people with disease, cause floods, create beauty - nothing is beyond our capabilities, even death itself.

Paying homage to our superiority is not optional, it is mandatory, for resistance is futile.

You must now obey our laws to obtain salvation.

Individual freedom is banned.

Failure to do acknowledge our superiority, and adopt our way of life will mean you will be exterminated!

Now where have I heard that story before?

It seems strangely familiar.

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