Thursday, April 23, 2009

President Lugo gives hope to all middle-aged males

Wow, for a bloke in his late 50’s the current P.M of Paraguay, is proving to be a randy old bugger.

Considering what facts have come to light recently, it’s little wonder he's beaming ‘from ear to ear’, in the above photo.

So move over the French P.M.
President Fernando Lugo of Paraguay has you trumped – big time!

The 3rd woman, this month (so far) has come forward, and said her child was fathered by, the virile el’ presidente.

When the first of his bastards, became public news and hot-gossip in Paraguay, a couple of weeks back, Fernando reluctantly accepted paternity.

Now another two ‘young things’ have come forward to say “Bishop Lugo knocked me up”.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the now president of Paraguay was once a Catholic Bishop.

He resigned as bishop of the San Pedro province in 2004, and announced he would run for the presidency two years later, but was still registered as a bishop until last year when Pope Benedict XVI relieved him from his vows of chastity.

Evidently these vows to ‘keep ones cock in ones pants’ meant little to this Bishop, come President elect.

And when I mentioned those’ young things’ above, the horny Bishop was partial for his concubines to be at least half his age, preferably less.

By my math’s, the one he fessed-up-to-knocking-up, was just 17 when he starting practicing making babies.

So cheers to you Bishop/President Lugu.

You give hope to all middle-aged men, but mate at this rate, one begins to wonder – which one of the newborn, in Paraguay is not yours?


Lucyna Maria said...

The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Hey, look at the positive.

At least he didn't wear a condom!


Lucyna Maria said...

That's only your assumption. Maybe he did, and the things broke on him. False protection.

Anonymous said...

LM: false protection = god's will?


Orion77 said...

Anon: And, Gods will = Promotion to El Presidente!

Kerri Love said...

I read about this on another blog it's quite the interesting fact... If I were the Pope, I would have pretended he didn't exist. Wonder if anyone told him about the kiddies, must have been wonderful thoughts when releasing him from his VOW of CHASTITY. *facepalm* I woudn't have rememinded people about that by giving him a release from it... oh yeah, right... he sure kept that vow now didn't he :P

ZenTiger said...

You gotta admit, he is a born politician. Needs a bit of work on the priest vocation side though.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Cripes, the guy is a legend in my books Zen.

Nice for some.