Tuesday, March 31, 2009

God was a Naturist

Remember how we are sold the story that Adam and Eve were created intrinsically ‘good’ by the God chap.

They lead a pristine life ‘naked as jay-birds’ until they ate that dreaded fruit.

It was only after they ate the fruit, thanks to the convincing spiel from a talking snake, that they realised it was in-fact actually ‘bad’ to go about starkers, and started donning fig-leaves.

It was the wearing of the fig-leaves that alerts the God chap, something is up with his pet creations.

Now the contradiction is obvious here.

Being naked was part of Adam & Eve’s sinless pre-apple days.

Being clothed is a part of Adam & Eves life as sinners.

So there are only two logical ways, one can look at this conundrum …..

1.) Being naked is what God wants of his highest creations.

2.) There was sin before, Adam and Eve ate the apple, destroying a basic tenant of Christianity.

So which one is it?


Zatarra said...

That's "naturist." "Naturalist" is someone who appreciates or studies nature, or someone who doesn't believe in the supernatural.

This is why I don't call myself a naturalist (in the last sense), even though it's more specific than atheist. I have no desire to be nude in public, and I don't want people to get confused about it.

Knitterman said...

actually, I think you meant "naturist" (nudist). A "naturalist" is one who studies Nature (like a botanist, for example).

But the bottom line (and a precept by which I live as much as possible) is this: "If we were meant to run around naked, we would have been born that way."

Canterbury Atheists said...

You are right!

My bad (corrected above)

My American based spell checker has over-ridden my hurried writings.

Nothing wrong with getting naked now and again, though.

More of it, if you ask me.

Especially now we know God approves so highly of the practice.

See ya.


Lucyna Maria said...

Both propositions are false.

Prior to sin, Adam could look at Eve and not lust after her - instead he could see the entire truth of her being and love her for herself, not for what she could give him. After original sin, her body just made him want to have her - therefore in order to protect themselves, human beings need to be clothed.

Of course God would like us to get back to our original state of sinlessness, but, it's not possible at this point.

Why do you have comment moderation on? Do you get harassed?

Canterbury Atheists said...

Hi there Lucyna,

Yep, every month or so I get religious nut-cases sending threats, of an earthly nature.

Threatening me with hell is like saying Father Christmas won’t bring you toys this Christmas you “naughty boy”, so those I let through.

Death seems a popular course of action with these radical theists, shooting is a common thread as well.

I’m in two minds to publish details, but since these threats sometimes involve my family I choose simply to laugh at these pathetic worms & delete them.

Thus, the moderation as opposed to censorship.

I rarely censor things – only when it is unintelligible or clearly kids taking the piss.

I encourage debate, thanks for your input here.

And you thought it was bad enough having me hassle you guys, eh?

Try my job for a while!

What chest size are you, by the way?

No I’m not chatting-you-up.

Just seeing if my bullet and stab proof vest will fit.

See ya.