Tuesday, April 28, 2009

‘The Legacy of Mary’ – Vatican City approves 12 as The Age of Consent!

One of the biggest jokes, are those throngs of Christians who trumpet their ‘conservatism’ as something to be proud of, yet all too conveniently avoid practicing what they preach.

This pious bunch consider being ‘conservative’ as a badge of honour, expecting everyone else should look at these self-appointed moral zealots, as holding some form of higher ground.

They also tend to run scared, or scuttle back under their rocks, when they are confronted with their hypocrisy.

Have you ever considered how these ‘conservative’ groups manifest their conservatism, in a societal context?

What happens in countries where large groups of conservatives live, and form the majority of the population?

What would be say a ‘conservatives’ position, on say 'the age of sexual consent'?

Sixteen years old, perhaps as exists in New Zealand and Australia etc?

Eighteen, even?

I’m about to show you what a pack of hypocrites, these so-called conservatives and their leaders are, by using something tangible and measurable, like this ‘the age of consent’.

Before, I start (and for the record), here in New Zealand the age of consent is 16 years. This is an across the board age limit here – irrespective of marital status or sexual orientation.

Now let’s look at where the largest populations of say, Catholics live, and spot-light the age, these Christian Catholic countries see fit to condone two consenting adults (or, as we’ll sadly soon find-out, children as well) are capable of making a decision to engage in sexual intercourse.

BRAZIL [150,00,000 Baptised Catholics] 14 if married
MEXICO [ 90,000,000 Baptised Catholics] 12 if married
PHILIPPINES [ 60,000,000 Baptised Catholics] 12 irrespective
ITALY [ 60,000,000 Baptised Catholics] 14 irrespective
USA [55,000,000 Baptised Catholics] 16 varies state by state

Of the 15 top Catholic nations I surveyed the average age of consent was slightly over 14 years-old.

Taking this another step, how does this directly compare to countries, where the moral bankrupts are located?

You know those places where evil ‘non-believers’, are found in large numbers?

Here’s the top five (based on population) Atheistic countries, and their respective ‘age of consents’.

JAPAN [80,000,000 Non-Believers] 13 irrespective
VIETNAM [66,000,000 Non-Believers] 18 irrespective
RUSSIA [50,000,000 Non-Believers] 16 irrespective
GERMANY [40,000.000 Non-Believers] 14 under circumstances
FRANCE [30,000,000 Non-Believers] 15 irrespective

As a direct comparison of the top 15 Atheist Countries through-out the world, the average age of consent was bang-on (no pun intended) 16.

I don’t know about you, but I think 14, let alone 12 is definitely far too young for anyone to be considered an adult.

So to be fair and impartial, I am encompassing atheistic countries like Germany, in my condemnation.

The fact still remains 12, is the age of consent in six of the 15 top Catholic countries around the globe.

Only four were 16 or over.

In the secular countries, six of the top 15 I surveyed, thought 16 year-olds were in a position to make the decision – an age, I personally concur with.

None said 12 years-old was O.K.

I can only gather, ‘blessing’ such a low age of consent in conservative Catholic countries is the legacy of Mary being impregnated by God, at the tender age of 14 or 15?

Biblically inspired even, or are its adherents simply following the orders from Rome?

The Vatican certainly appears to be all for the age, to be at the lower end of the worldwide scale.

Rather interestingly, my research turned-up the Vatican City has the lowest consent age in Europe, at just 12.

That’s right folks, The Pope and his ‘conservative bunch of male virgins’ think 12 years-old is an age when two ‘kids’ can start f*cking!!

According to my moral compass, if not The Catholic Churches, a 14 year-old is too young to undertake the responsibilities of parenthood (the end result) - let alone a 12 year-old.

But the secularist doctrine has no leaders, is not dependent on mass-breading and indoctrination of the young at all costs, for its survival.

So a message to all you ‘conservatives’ - tidy up your own back yards – starting with allowing 12 year olds to f*ck.


peterquixote said...

excellent dude, girls of twelve consent, agrred,

Anna Sethe said...

just to defend German laws: 14 is only acceptable when both partners are under 18. Otherwise it's 18 (with a tolerance of two years age difference).

Canterbury Atheists said...

Thanks for that clarification Anna.

deb said...

Can you please link to where you found the age of consent stats? Thanks.

ZenTiger said...

There's a difference between sending kids to jail for having sex and telling them to do it.

The age of consent is effectively 15 in the Vatican City if there is an adult involved.

This is based on the Italian laws they inherited on its formation in 1929.

This is all theoretical though, because there are typically no child citizens. The population is around 800, with many citizens serving outside of the Vatican City.

A day time population of around 3000 people represent workers who live outside the City.

Your complaints about the Vatican do not take into account that it inherited Italian law, and there have been no cases testing the age of consent and therefore little inclination to change it.

People committing a crime in the City, get turned over to Italian authorities. Crime comes largely from "visitors" who come in during the day to commit petty thefts due to the huge numbers of tourists.

ZenTiger said...

Also of course, the obvious point is that Catholic teaching says sex outside marriage is immoral, wrong and a grave sin.

In any event, my earlier point was that the Vatican City inherited Italian law on its formation in 1929. The Pope has decided many of Italy's laws are not clear enough on issues of morality, so have dropped it as of this year.

Vatican City rejects Italian lawYour argument that they don't care is pretty weak.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Hi there Zen,

As a secular humanist ‘free-thinker’ (hate that label, but anyway) I make my own decisions on what I think is right and wrong.

I’m not an apologist for any doctrine, for example I believe the 14 years old level set in Germany is too low, and they are a secular country.

What you have avoided saying is – if you personally believe 12 year olds are mature enough to engage in a sexual relationship?

Do you think a 12 year old or 14 year old who lives in The Vatican City is mature enough to make that decision?

I say no.

But I gather your defense of The Vatican and a whole range of Catholic Countries is one based on ‘following the company-line’, rather than your own personal opinion.

In Brazil you can get married at 14 and have a kid at 14 – but only if you are married.

In Philippines you can get married at 12 and have a kid at 12 - but only if you are married.

This sanctity of marriage appears to justify what I consider to be pedophilia.

My daughter is 12 next week and I think this is abhorrent.

Being married seems to able to justify child-sex and this is all done with the blessing of the respective local Catholic Church authorities, in these countries and far more.

If you want more examples of Catholic Countries who legalise sex between children and adults (under certain circumstances like marriage or as a broad policy) please ask for more.

I have plenty more examples, mate.

Child abuse rates are also higher in so-called Christian Countries than Secular ones, but that’s another issue I will blog-on shortly.

Thanks for your input.


ZenTiger said...

Your "analysis" is a bit of a joke, mate.

France is 83% Catholic, and you decide to put that in your "top atheist countries".

You compare percentages, with population counts, count the top 15 versus the top 5 (which includes a heavily Catholic Country) and try to make America a representative of a Catholic nation that sets the laws?

What about Ireland (88% catholic and age of consent is 17) and Belgium (75% Catholic and age of consent 16)

Your whole system of comparison is flawed, on several levels and obviously biased towards finding the answer you want, without a reasonable basis.

ZenTiger said...

Oh dear. Just noticed another "Atheist" Country in your list of 5 - Vietnam, 77% Buddhist, with a strong legal influence from the French Catholics (Those darn Catholics again).

The Vietnamese legal system is a mix of classic Confucianism, the Napoleonic Code and French Legal Codes arising from this, especially crafted for Vietnam, and of course, Marxism-Leninism.

You are going to have to do a bit of work to prove age of consent laws in Vietnam are all credit to atheists. Indeed, with rising sex crimes in this region, perhaps the atheists are winning?

Canterbury Atheists said...

Stop splitting hairs, mate.

As they say 'beating about the bush'.

We still haven't heard what do YOU think Zen?

Ignore (if possible)what your Church wants you to think mate.

Pray-tell, is 12 an age you support for an adult to marry a child as happens in say Brazil, Mexico or even The Vatican City?

Do you think marriage into The Catholic Church abdicates what I consider normal moral boundaries?

Let us all know, what you think, should be permitted were you running say The Vatican City and not The Pope and his crew.

I'm interested in your thoughts not that of your church - those I can read any-day and haven't changed for a few centuries.