Monday, April 27, 2009

“Hello you have reached The After-Life Directory Service, how may I help you?”

Let me start this article, by stating its stories like this, that make African internet scamsters, look like a wise investment.

It takes gullibility to a new level, well below ground level, close to the earths core.

We are talking ‘Franks Box’, named after its inventor Frank Sumption.

It’s better known as ‘The Ghost Box’.

The Ghost Box scans the radio frequencies, between operating broadcast stations.

Doing so, will produce the intermittent and faded verbalisations…….of the dead!

Its believers have dubbed the device - a ‘telephone to the dead’.

Purportedly, Thomas Edison regularly answers his calls from ‘the land of the living’.

If you've always wanted to call your deceased Aunt Molly to see where she buried the loot, you now have the chance.

Call after 7.00 P.M the rates are cheaper.

But, clearly this is serious stuff, and one of its major proponents Chris Moon wants us to be beware of the dangers of the uneducated operating ‘The Ghost Box’.

In the hands of the uninitiated, it may be John Wayne Gracy or Ted Bundy that picks-up the receiver and not Aunt Molly.

So don’t go treating ‘The Ghost Box’, merely as a toy or paranormal oddity.

Respect it’s authoritay and seek professional advice.


Kerri Love said...

LOL is this thing legal? it's probably picking up crazy religous folk trying to use their CB radio to talk to God...

Canterbury Atheists said...

Gidday there Kerri,

I think they’re find they are ‘deadly serious’ – get it?


peterquixote said...

sweet jesus