Monday, January 5, 2009


The uniquely Christchurch phenomenon Zenith Applied Philosophy (1974-Present) is one which I’ve been wishing to ‘get my teeth into’ for some time, given the time to tackle a major subject of this nature.

Indigenous New Zealand Churches are few & far between and none of the other home-grown Kiwi religions are anywhere as interesting, enigmatic and complex as Z.A.P.

Secretive in their dealings, reluctant to engage the media, Z.A.P remains largely an enigma - even in their own home-town, Christchurch.

Every public account on Z.A.P to this date, seemed to court controversy, without the author delving deeper into what actually motivated the group, and what ‘made them tick’.

I have therefore attempted as best I can to ‘scrap the surface’ on Zenith Applied Philosophy, and bring a mountain of material together on one site, so we can learn more about their workings, as well as their history.

At the same time I have tried to remain objective & deliberately avoided, where possible, engaging in a journalistic ‘name & shame’ exercise.

The good, as well as the bad, the amusing and the weird - it all makes for a fascinating story.

To read ‘The Unofficial Story of Zenith Applied Philosophy’ you’ll need to travel to….



Anonymous said...

Classic I meet a Girl in 98/99 who had dealings with Robin Booth ZAP she refered to him as a creep she worked for him at his dog food company a year earlier, She was telling me the same stuff you refer to in your writings. and of course Robin lived down Clyde Rd by the University at the time.

I recall She told me you sit in front of a two way window and John would tell you yay or nay, so to speak if you could join.

Anonymous said...

Your account of ZAP literature being stapled to food served at the Dog House are incorrect, I worked there from 1981 to 1984, never saw any literature, never saw a stapler - saw lots of violence! Wish I had owned a camcorder! Dave Sloan and Lesley Dick never discussed their involvement with "John the God"s outfit. By and large Dave an Lesley were good people.

Timbo said...

I worked there from 85-90 and like the above commenter never saw any literature..

Likewise I got a whole world of experiences from gang fights and fatal shootings to watching people propose..

As the previous commenter said Lesley and Dave are good people and they taught me a lot about good people management..

I asked a number of times about ZAP and it was explained they had an early interest but never took to the metaphysical side of it all and left it years ago..

I should also point out at the time I was very active in the trade union movement (including getting staff at the Dog House and Farmer John’s to join) and Dave & Lesley while not fully agreeing with me, never treated me any differently and in fact hired many of my unionist friends..

So I have to call “bollocks” on your claims the Dog House was a hot bed of recruiting for ZAP..