Saturday, January 10, 2009

Anti-Semitism alive and well in New Zealand

As you’ll be aware for the past few months the southern cities of Israel had been under rocket attack from terrorist group Hamas operating from Gaza, using civilian areas as launching-pads & even utitising Mosques as weapons dumps.

Hamas receives the majority of it’s funding from three sources (a.) ex patriot Palestinians (b.) the Iranian government (c.) supporters in other Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia.

Those in the Islamic world have never accepted the legitimacy of Israel's creation or the continued existence of the Jewish state and they have their supporters in New Zealand.

The small but extremist anti-Israeli lobby groups in New Zealand employ the guise ‘peace campaigners’ to hide their anti-Semitism.

But now and again this boils to the surface and New Zealanders can see these motley protesters and their Muslim brothers, in their ‘true colours’.

What better way to do show your hatred of Jewish people this than desecrate the Wellington memorial to one of Israel’s heroes Yitzhak Rabin – using your own blood mixed with red paint (refer above).

If that wasn’t enough of an affront, this mob then moved on to threaten Israeli women’s tennis player Shahar Peer, competing in Auckland’s ASB Tournament.

Given the circumstances that has lead to Israel defending it’s civilian population from terrorist attack, and were this rabble genuine ‘global peace campaigners’ , as opposed to bare-faced anti-Semites – then the Iranian or Saudi embassy’s would have been the logical first place you would have been marching to, not that of the United States of America.

So where do these bullies with megaphones, like Father Gerard Burns and John Minto get their hatred of the Jewish people from?

Much of it appears to be the result of a good ‘Christian’ education.

The Priests & Nuns taught this lot who the ‘Christ Killers’ are, and Gerard and John never forgot that lesson.

Mainstream New Zealanders are simply embarrassed and angry at their crude actions.

Footnote; Last night I asked 8 people at the pub, a simple question relating to Israeli’s actions in Gaza? “Do you support what Israel is doing?”. The response to this small straw-poll was “yes” – times eight.


Psychodiva said...

I also support what they are doing but still regret that children have to end up dead because of it- it makes things a little confusing for me as you can imagine- I want to condemn them for killing children but want to at the same time condemn Hamas and their supporters for putting the kids in harms way :( and for their continual and little-reported bombing of Israel - I wish the news would not cal them 'shells' they are bombs- using the word 'shells' makes them sound less harmful

ZenTiger said...

Your whole theory on Fr Burns is baseless. Inspired no doubt by a rabid hatred of priests and the Catholic Church.

Fr Burns is simply be some-one appalled at the terrible loss of innocent human life in this conflict. He just chose a very stupid way of expressing it.

Hamas deserve no sympathy, and the largest share of the blame for escalating this confrontation. However, in my opinion, Israel's actions are not one that is to their long term benefit.

I support Israel's right to self-defence. I am totally against Hamas, thugs that they are. I still think this latest action by Israel poorly executed, and the political cost will be as high as the body count.

Your straw poll is now running at less than 100%.

Paul said...

I am with Zen Tiger on this one. Hamas are apalling: fundamentalist lunatics who want to wipe out Jewry. But Israel has killed a lot of innocent people and done itself a lot of harm.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Hey guys, grab a copy of The Sunday Times. Michael Laws also called Burns an anti-Semite and referred to the 'lunatic fringe of the Catholic Church'. Appears, I'm not alone in my thoughts on this.By the way I'm on holiday for two weeks, so comments will remain unpublished till my return (note: I get a lot of idiots wanting me and my family to die in hells flames, that sort of thing,so that's why they don't go live} Have a good one, or should that be God One?

TobyRicketts said...

The more I read about the history of the creation of the Jewish state, the more it seems like absolute insanity.
This is the only thing I agree with the mormons on and it is for a completely different reason, and it may sound crazy, but it seems the only solution - Move Israel to the United States.
I mean really, the US is the only one supporting the Israelites, and they have TONS of land and space. Why are there a bunch of religious crazys hell bent on having a piece of land smalled than some farms in New Zealand?
Let's face it, there is never EVER going to be peace in Gaza and the Middle East when you have bible prophecies supporting polar points of view and lunacy on both sides escalating into complete horror as we've seen in the last few weeks. The solution is - break up the fight. USA, if you love them so much, give them some land!
Can someone tell this Atheist why this is not being floated as a possible stop on the 'Roadmap' to peace please? otherwise I'm sending a letter to Obama, Thanks.