Saturday, January 24, 2009

Have A Nice Doomsday On Me

During the holidays, I managed to catch-up with some much overdue reading.

One of the books I got through, was this one…..

What an interesting & provocative read it was too.

University of York Professor Nicholas Guyatt investigates why American fundamentalist Christians are obsessed with the end of the world bull-shit, by interviewing the key authors who make millions peddling ‘rapture in your lifetime’.

His synopsis throws light on why the U.S ‘bible-belt’ throws it’s support behind Israel, a subject of current significance given the developments in Palestine.

Rather than their support originating as part of some benevolence towards the Jewish people fighting the greater evil of Islam, there is another darker more basic tenant.

That is: a Biblically inspired ‘good versus evil’ apocalypse can only occur whilst Israel is in existence.

Of course every American evangelical prophesier of doom, have their own spin on how this end of times will unfold, but there is one common thread.

Israel is the key in the events, that are about to happen.

Gods literalist script as revealed in the passages of Revelation and Ezekiel are unfolding, and there’s nothing wrong nudging them to their inevitable conclusion – even if it means the extermination of 75 per cent of the planets population in the process.

These key-figures peddling doom and redemption, propose such things as:

- Demolishing the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Islam’s third holiest site, and rebuilding on it’s site the original Jewish temple.
- Joint U.S and Israeli pre-emptive nuclear strike on Tehran.
- Environmental issues are a sure positive sign the end is near.

They believe all Jews are ‘expendable’ and will be converted to Christianity or perish in the apocalyptos.

Only those who are Christians (past and present) will be spirited away.

Perturbing of all for those who share the planet with these powerful fundamentalists and their allies in The White House, is the fact there’s around 50 million of them, and from their perspective a ‘war to end all wars’ is something to welcome, and a reassurance their faith will triumph at the expense of everyone else.

It's a bloody worry.


Orion77 said...

I think we should be OK, though. From memory every living Jew has to return & reside in Israel before the rapture begins. Or, am I just making that up? Argh, might as well!

In any event it would'nt take much to kidnap Woody Allen and secret him away down here, just to be safe.

mikespeir said...

I used to be one of them. I recalled being filled with glee every time something bad happened in the world. What could it mean but that Jesus was on the way?