Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kiwi Peace Campaigners – The Real Agenda

Having been driven from their homes and land 60 years ago by Jewish terror squads the Palestinians are left with just 22% of the land of the original Palestine. It was nothing short of an exercise in ethnic cleansing which is mirrored today in the racist laws which give second class citizenship to non-Jews in Israel” (Global Peace and Justice Auckland 29/12/08)

“After this week, does anyone doubt that Israel is a terrorist state?” (Matt McCarten in N.Z Herald 29/01/08)

“March on Saturday for New Zealand to condemn Israeli genocide of Palestinians and in solidarity with those under attack in Gaza” (Auckland University Students for Justice in Palestine)

“Religious ministers are invited to wear their clerical garb” (amongst the Media Release from Christians for Justice in Palestine advertising a recent protest in Wellington)

“The biggest march for justice in Palestine in the history of New Zealand, it also saw a powerful unity between Aotearoa's Muslim and Arab community and the radical Left. A barrage of hundreds of shoes rained unto a bannerless American Consulate to the chant of "Hey, Hey, USA- where's your bloody flag today?"(Socialist Aotearoa web-site report on protest march)

“Israel is behaving as the world’s leading pariah state” (Palestine Human Rights Campaign spokesman Janfrie Wakim 01/06/2006)

“We support our Government withdrawing all ties and support of Israel immediately.” (Media release from Anne FitzSimon, Nelson Peace Group 29/12/2008)

Looking at the backgrounds of the key protagonists in the Anti-Israeli/Pro-Terrorist we find a strong ‘bond’ of communality…..

Bernard Minto (Catholic & Political Activist)
Tyler Culpepper (Catholic & Anarchist)
Leslie Bravery (Religious affiliation unknown, Political Activist)
Father Gerard Burns (Catholic Priest, Political Activist)
Keith Locke (Atheist, Green MP, One time supporter of Pol Pot)
Mike Treen (Religious affiliations unknown, Unionist, Political Activist)
Joe Carolan (Catholic, Unionist, runs a blog called Socialist Aotearoa even though he’s Irish)
Cat Noakes Duncan (describes herself as a Christian Volunteer)
Sahar Ghumkhor (Religion and profession unknown, but someone will know)
Dr Margaret Mayman (Presbyterian Minister)
Janfrie Wakim (Catholic, Director of Child and Poverty Action)

‘Joining those dots’ here, folks?

By the way it’s Cat Noakes-Duncan’s 7 month old daughter looking bewildered & draped in the blood stained clothing, above. Where’s CYPS when you need them, eh?

Open Questions to any-one reading this:

1.) Why do Kiwi peace campaigners only ever target Israel and its allies? Why haven’t key-players like Iranian or Saudi interests, featured on their ‘radars’?
2.) What protest action did these peace campaigners undertake after 2,800 innocent people from 91 nations (including Kiwi’s) were murdered by Islamic terrorists in 9/11?
3.) Why are so many of the key figures in the N.Z peace-movement, the products of a good Catholic/Christian education?
4.) Do any Peace Activists have ‘real’ jobs?

And what is the agenda of New Zealand’s so-called, mostly Christian, ‘Peace’ Activists?

Nothing short, of the destruction of the State of Israel – that’s what.

Hope you enjoy this video of a military parade from Iran (they are a major source of arms for Hamas and terrorism in general, which seems to have escaped the attention of peace-nicks)

It may be an eye-opener to anyone naïve enough to think Tehran’s nuclear plans have peaceful intentions.

Included in the category of deluded & naïve, the entire fore-mentioned rabble of layabout Kiwi anti-Semites.

But in case I’ve gotten this all wrong about these unbalanced, pious bunch of Peace Campaigners I’ve taken the liberty to provide them with both the address & photo of the Iranian Embassy is New Zealand.

151 Te Anua Road, Wellington.

I’ll look out for their protests outside the Iranian Embassy shortly (rolls on the floor laughing)


Ukulatheist said...

Are you really suggesting that because the murder of people (not just 'terrorists' who for some reason never seem to make it into the same category) is pointed out by some religious nutters that there is no truth in the allogations? Or am I sensing a conspiracy theory brewing?

I would have thought an athiest blog would be a little more objective in its observations. I'm finding similarities between this blog and Kiwiblog a little disturbing.

Canterbury Atheists said...

Sorry mate, I haven’t been to Kiwiblog in months so I’m not too sure what’s on his agenda at present.

Whilst making this post I actually found myself making comparisons with Trevor’s Newzeal blog, but frankly any similarities between the respective blogs is purely coincidental.

You need to remind yourself atheists only share one common bond – a non belief in Gods.