Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Bible or The Penthouse?

Zealous Christian missionaries have taken to putting their favourite book, in remote tramping huts through-out wilderness New Zealand.

Let’s say you were a cold tramper trapped in a hut due to inclement weather, forced to light a fire by ripping-up any paper you could find around the joint.

Faced with ripping apart some of the meagre reading material you find in the hut to use as a ‘fire starter’ - what is the first book you would use for pages faced say with two stark choices:

The Bible or The Penthouse?

Take my poll on the right.

PS: The former president of the Canterbury Westland Alpine Club, Grant Piper indicated in The Christchurch Press {24th January} that given a choice between a ropey old Readers Digest and a Bible – he’d take a page from the Bible.
Footnote: The poll results were conclusive, 28 for The Bible and only 8 for The Penthouse!


Ukulatheist said...

The shocking thing was that DOC OK'd the venture. Does this mean that we'll also be able to burn, (sorry, I mean read) vedic texts, the Koran and a back catalogue of the Watch Tower in the near future?

The good thing about the pages in a bibble are that they are very thin and flammable. They are also useful for emergency toilet paper.

Seriously, should we really burn books if we disagree with the content?

Orion77 said...

I keep a number of Gideon's in the boot of my car as emergency bog roll. I'm not kidding! Found in motel rooms, around the country. TIP: Genesis works best, a synthesis of ideas.