Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Shunned Reverend, the Canon and the Bishop. Now that’s an intriguing title

As an unassuming Kiwi Atheist Blogger, sometimes stories like this come along that are literally mana from heaven.

Make my unpaid mission all seem worthwhile.

I can’t type fast enough on this one.

In short: it’s ‘who’s up who and who’s not paying?’ amongst the hierarchy of Wellingtons Anglican Church.     

Last month Bishop Tom Brown, a sprightly 69, gave up his right to officiate and at the same time announced he was breaking-up from his wife.

Around the same time the Reverend Canon Kate Carey-Smith (now that’s a mouthful) informed her employees at Samuel Marsden College she was resigning because of ‘personal reasons’.

Kate’s hubby was/is none other than Reverend Chris Carey Smith, the chaplin at St Marks Church School. 

It appears most people in the Anglican congregation in Wellington knew exactly what those ‘personal reasons’ were.

Today’s media have merely confirmed the obvious.

Tom and Kate have been getting it on.  

They have dumped their spouses, gone to ground and are now shacked-up.  

There’s something heart-warming, almost harmless about the modern-day Church of England. 

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