Monday, September 17, 2012

Randy Woman Ghost comes free with Hotel.

For the enlightenment overseas readers and North Islanders alike, Bluff sits at the bottom of the South Island, close to Invercargill.   

A fishing village, oyster country, in-fact it’s the oldest European settled town in New Zealand.

The Foveaux Hotel sits on the main road overlooking the port.

It and other similarly aged Art Deco style drinking establishments abode Bluff.

The comically named ‘New Eagle Hotel’ springs to mind – eagles having gone extinct in New Zealand around 500 years ago.  

The Foveaux Hotel is currently up for sale, auctioned next week. 

Inclusive of a resident ghost.

The apparition is one of a female who is said to take a fancy to tall men.

Too many oysters in your mortal life will do that.    

I was in this establishment in October of last year.

No one has ever called me tall so I only spirits I saw were on the top shelf behind the bar, going down the gullets of gruff faced residents with a penchant for Swanndri and gumboots.

So I won’t be at the auction.    

I have a bad enough drinking habit as it is.

PS: The blue sky in the above photo comes extra. 

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