Wednesday, September 26, 2012

‘The Devil Made Me Do It’ Defence Strategy

Somalian refugee Zakariye Mohammed Hussein, 27, was shot by Christchurch police after he went berserk stabbing a delivery driver and a city council worker on March 15. He was sentenced to six and a half years imprisonment last week.

Via his lawyer Hussein admitted all charges in court, his only defence being “he felt he was possessed by the devil."

So given Hussein’s pleas to the court and to his psychiatrists he was enticed, lured by deception into committing the vicious assault - why didn’t the N.Z Police investigate his claims?

Chase-down and question this Devil character.

It’s not as if The Devil is unfamiliar to The Courts, here or overseas.

He has been behind thousands if not millions of crimes around the globe.   

Mexican & Columbian drug-lords look up to him as being a real bad-bastard.   

Given the majority of the humans think The Devil is as real as X-Factor, including our own deputy Prime Minister, the Police are surely obligated to take Hussein’s defence seriously?

So why don’t Courts, Psychiatrists, Police etc. take seriously claims that ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’?      

Are they false, just a plea to solicit sympathy?

A good indication the party is a loony-tune?

Is it just read that anyone with half a brain-cell knows the Devil and God are fictitious characters?     

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