Sunday, May 23, 2010

Life: God has lost his monopoly

“We can only reach the conclusion that we need God, the origin of life”.

The Catholic Church has always been a bit-slow on the up-take of scientific and medical discoveries.

It took till 1992 for The Vatican to agree with the proposition that the earth was not stationary & in-fact it revolves around the sun (apparently no one there bothered watching the lunar missions or got hold of satellite photos)

So it’s hardly surprising reports heralding of a new era of era of science – synthetic DNA - were meet with disdain by this backward group.

Nothing pisses-off theists more than when the foundations of their chosen superstition are yet again proven to be rotten –using the most cutting and effective ‘sword’ possible – fact rather than fiction.

This time the venue for these historic revelations and the further debasement of religious teachings, was genome-mapping pioneer, J Craig Venters laboratory.

His team’s project paves the way for designing organisms that work differently from the way nature intended for a wide range of uses.

God has officially lost his monopoly when it comes to creating life.

Ironically, his competition happens to be his pet-creation.

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