Friday, May 14, 2010

Pope 101: “Don’t mention the historic genocidal tendencies”

Pope Benedict should start taking heed that, like their Italian crime syndicate rivals ‘The Cosa Nostra’, The Catholic Church has never been shy of ‘snubbing-out’ it’s errant leaders, where they have become a liability. Benedict would know full-well that some-where between 8 to 13 of his predecessors have become expendable victims of ‘in-house hits’, and that the last time it happened was less than 25 years ago.

He can also forget playing the dementia card as well – being mentally incapacitated has never been an impinging trait for being a pope – most Catholic expect their pontiffs to come old, doddery, feeble minded and incapable of controlling their bodily functions.

What does ‘up-set the horses’ within the different tares of Catholicism is when the pope himself begins to ‘air the churches dirty laundry’

It’s happened twice in two days.

Firstly Benedict admitted it wasn’t actually the Jews, devil, homos, secular society etc that lead the Catholic Church to become the world largest homosexual pedophile syndicate – it was The Church itself that was ‘the root of all evil.’

Then to follow-up this gaff up, just a day later in his speech to Portuguese faithful he urged them to re-invent their country and re-create their glorious past.

This ‘glorious past’ happens to be the wholesale enslavement, murder, rape and subjugation of fellow humans in the name of Catholicism.

In a re-write of history that puts David Irving to shame, Benedict dismissively termed Portugal’s colonial role butchering and enslaving African, Asians, Central & South Americans in their millions, as a “sense of (their) global responsibility.”

If Benedict wants to live to wear ‘the blessed incontinence nappies’ he needs to take another look at his ‘user manual’ and be re-minded there are some subjects that have become politically incorrect to mention, outside The Vatican smoking-rooms.

Historic church policies like infallibility, extermination of The Jews, rape & plunder of inferior races, inquisitional torture of heathens etc – all need to now be kept under wraps.

Benedict (a.k.a Basil Fawlty)is on thin-ice here and clearly a liability to The Catholic Church, when he talks about ‘the good ol’ days’ of enslavement of heathens & admissions the church is a rotten edifice – and all in public!

Could someone please send him a copy of David Gallops book ‘In Gods Name’?

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