Friday, May 7, 2010

The Vatican’s links to Nazi Germany are about to be revealed!

Something’s go together, like say sausages and tomato sauce, Indian food and a pint of beer.

Another synergy is The Catholic Church and Fascist Dictatorships.

Take a look at my ‘off the cuff’ list of famous fascist dictators and you’ll see they all share a common-bond:

- Hitler
- Mussolini (pictured with his mates at The Vatican)
- Franco (middle)
- Pinochet (photo with Pope John Paul 1987)

It’s not hard to deduce that all these dictators were products of their Catholic education and up-bringing - well versed from a young age how authoritarian regimes are administrated & run.

Universally these dictators enjoyed the tacit support of The Catholic Church in their respective countries.

But what evidence is their The Catholic Church actively assisted these despotic regimes?

Well this definitive evidence of collusion is about to be produced!

The Vatican-sponsored support of Nazi Germany is about to be publicly revealed with the imminent release of German Government files from WW2.

The Vatican has fought ‘tooth and nail’ for these 4,500 pieces of paper, dubbed ‘The Eichmann Files’ to remain confidential, but a German Court has just ruled it is time for them to be scrutinized.

These papers will prove once and for all the links between The Vatican and The Nazi Regime.

The relationship between the highest ranking Nazi’s officials and their Vatican peers will be exposed in black & white for the world to see.

This is another landslide of muck heading down the mountain the Catholic Churches way.

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