Monday, February 8, 2010

Deranged Baptist Missionaries charged with Child Kidnapping

“When God calls you to a certain mission and a specific action he’s not going to let it fail,” [father of one of the detained Christian kidnappers, Mel Coulter]

Imagine you come across a child wandering, lost and distraught.

The natural inclination is to protect the safety of that child and then to re-unite him/her with their parents.

That is what I would call a basic human response – one that is innate & contained within the make-ups of all homo-sapiens as part of our common ancestry.

A universal trait we are born with, to protect the young and vulnerable, but one which through indoctrination can be wiped-out and replaced with a more sinister motive.

The American Baptist movement has for a couple of decades become the Christian equivalent of the Taliban. In the Indian province of Tripura their members have supported and funded terrorism. Their rabid members wander the globe, foaming at the mouth and thumping bibles, on a mission from God to convert everyone to their cause – even if it means ripping young children from the arms of their parents. The laws of human-decency mean nothing to them. The end always justifies the means. In the twisted and dangerous minds of these zealots, it is in the child’s interests to be taken from their godless parents and re-educated.

And when I mention abstract terms like ‘mission from god’ this is not just a journalistic liberty on my behalf to make these people look deranged. They do this quite well themselves.

They literally believe god, the big Santa in the sky, tells them telepathically what to do – thus somehow justifying their actions – even when unlawful.

Their latest sickening and disturbing mission on behalf of their god (I’m guessing Yahweh?) is to seize children from their parents in the ravaged countryside of Haiti and take them across the border to the neighbouring Dominican Republic – where they would be put up for adoption to ‘nice white American Christian households.’

Fortunately these child kidnappers underestimated the Haitian authorities who arrested the ten involved in stealing 33 children (aged 2 to 12) at the border.

Freed from her captors one nine-year old girl was crying, and telling authorities that “I am not an orphan. I still have my parents.”

Shortly after that local police said the Dominican orphanage where the children were to end-up charging adoptive parents USD 10,000 a child.

A nice little earner for someone – who I wonder?

The missionaries now face a trial for child-kidnapping and criminal association – the later being an apt description of this literal ‘mission from god.’

These ten missionaries are going to need more than just faith to survive in a Haitian prison and it would be a brave god to enter through its gates.


Jeremy said...

They are pretty messed up -- shame that probably none of them will face any sort of punishment.
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this canterbury atheist iz 2much fuckin yaar stop fuckin...