Thursday, February 4, 2010

Catholic Church rallies against Equality.

The creepy-looking resident Pope (take a look at that photo – it looks like something from a 1920’s German horror film) with the perfect CV for a man running a fascist dictatorship – Hitler Youth Member and Wehrmacht combatant – is wading into the political affairs in The United Kingdom.

In an effort to interfere in the politics of a sovereign nation RATzinger has asked his bishops (think German generals) to start a campaign (‘Battle of Britain’ seems an appropriate title given the subject matter and those involved = forces of light versus the forces of darkness) against forthcoming legislation in the U.K which would mean that all employers have to treat their employees, current & prospective, as equals.

The issue for RATzinger is The U.K Government’s ‘Equality Bill’ has extended the term ‘employers’ to include business’s like Churches.

Not surprisingly The Catholic Church rejects the notion of equality – it goes against everything they stand for.

The Catholic Church still wants to retain the centuries-old right to practice discrimination under the guise of ‘freedom of religion’.

‘Freedom’ to The Catholic Church (Vatican City)Incorporated means the freedom to treat women as second class citizens and little more than breeding-ewes, walking-wombs to inseminate. Homosexuals are nothing but sodomites, who will ultimately burn in hell - but why not make the faggots mortal-lives as close as the imaginary view of hell can be in the mean-time?

This piece of legislation has the potential to paralyse The Catholic Church as it would allow disenfranchised homosexuals and women to litigate via Employment Courts and The Catholic Church already has had it soiled-hands full, paying-out billions in compensation for the physical/sexual/mental abuse it’s employees perpetrated against tens of thousands of innocent children in every-part of the globe. Abuse, The Churches hierarchy and RATzinger personally did their best to cover-up.

Here’s hoping ‘The Equality Bill’ becomes law in The U.K sooner rather than later and that New Zealand has the fortitude to follow-suit with similar legislation that currently allows religious groups to discriminate against individuals based on their sex/sexuality.

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