Friday, February 5, 2010


New Zealand is in 15th place, with a score of 73.4. Iceland is top at 93.5.

Sierra Leone is bottom at 163 with 32.1.

The results are a damning indictment on the locations around the globe which are inhabited largely by those who believe in superstitious intervention.

The naïve people who believe it will be God who will come and save the planet – so who the hell cares if we crap in the local river and decimate the local forestation & wildlife?

The statistics don’t lie – overall compared to heathens religious inhibitors of Planet Earth don’t care about the environment, more-about getting to heaven and appeasing their God than providing a sustainable future for their children.

Christians and Muslims embrace an apocalyptic end for human life anyway and millions of humans dying due to environment catastrophe fits-in exactly with their beliefs.

This ‘End of Days’ is something they embrace, their chance for salvation, as they drive to Church in their Hummers and watch the burn-off from oil-drilling rigs waft into the atmosphere.

Breaking the Yale study down further we see it’s Hindu and Buddhist countries in particular who were the worst offenders in their treatment of the environment.
At the other end of the scale the statistics prove it was mostly the atheistic countries – the ones that embraced science over superstition – that overall came-out as the communities that cared the most about their local environment and the planet as a whole.

The report is a stark reminder that it’s up-to the Atheistic peoples of Earth to lead the battle for environmental survival.

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